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Slash BMC Solutions. 12 48 way of traffic and weather on the eights and reading Kessler's in the Traffic center. Good trip so far on the Beltway right now, Deb. No problems inner and outer loop through both Maryland and Virginia Lane should be open in Maryland on I 70 It is eastbound. I 70 delays After alternate 40 headed toward to 70. The left side remains blocked with the crash. After you get past there, everything looks good, making her way toward Newmarket and Mount Airy, with the lanes open south bound to 70. No worries out of Adric headed to the lane divide onto either loop of the Beltway. Updating the situation in Gaithersburg, north and 1 24 near Booth Street. Crash Cleared Lanes are open Delays of ease, Harry Nice Mac Middleton, Bridge Traffic alternates across the bridge with the work. Watch for delays. If you're on the Bay Bridge, all lanes open in both directions. No major delays on 50 trying to get there in either direction in the district, north bound in the third Street tunnel delays headed onto New York Avenue. You'll also find a bit of volume right now along road. The Island Avenue in the eastbound direction, headed toward Brentwood Road Watch for any accident activity there Outbound betting road after Oklahoma Avenue. It was a single lane getting by the crash. If you're in Virginia on 66 the delays in both directions headed towards 17 and marshal. Those have eased again, so whatever was in the roadway should have cleared. Traffic should be on the move. Once again with the lanes open, westbound 66 After the Beltway, the work was along the left side, but not causing a backup. We also had the earlier records. The North bound to 34 business suddenly wrote it 66 at one point. It was just a single lane getting you buy. I'm ready. Kessler. W T o p. Traffic Storm Jane Forrest Lauren Rickets We've got cloudy skies today We've got a wet forecast. We will continue to see some showers.

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