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The cards Radio network. It was 17 to 14 Ella as they went to the fourth quarter and Darryl Henderson went wild. Second down in three a running play. Henderson takes the handoff. He cuts middle. He's got space barrel. Henderson hits him with the horsepower touchdown away. Carol Henderson 38 Yard run came down to the last couple of minutes and Zona refused to give up. Delivery two yards to Dan Arnold with 204 left, but that was your ballgame. A big play in this one was a Troy Hill, 35 yard pick six against Cuyler Murray in the fourth quarter, and that was all she wrote. The Rams go to eight and four and now short, McVeigh seven and no lifetime against these Cardinals, who fall to six and six and they have dropped three straight and are falling out of the playoff. Hunt in a hurry. We'll come back with more scores. After this time out, you're listening NFL on Sports USA and we're back up. Running was the giant's going into Seattle and beating the Seahawks huge win for the Giants because they are in first place in the NFC least, have the tie break over Washington solo una flashing that pulls the upset over Pittsburgh. The Giants would still technically be by tiebreaker, Adnan Division they played. About five of the last six. Maybe even takes out last seven weeks. Well above average Defensive football lacked some of the best defensive football in the National Football League Day. Process. Pressure Russell Wilson a ton today, um, they'd scored Justyna points. We talked earlier in the show about Colt McCoy. You couldn't ask him to do a lot. They didn't He didn't. He made one night's play on a two point conversion. I'll give that. But it was weighing Goldman carrying the football on the Giants defense that got them an upset win in Seattle and yes improves their playoff chances. Win a division and you are guaranteed a home game and Giants to me look like the team to beat that division right now. I would agree. And I didn't think we'd ever be saying that. But here they are. In void. Joe Judges not only exceeded expectations, but you know, how do you not believe in this team right now? The biggest thing for me is there. Well, there are two things the every every area of this team has has made improvement over the years. Over over the years, I should say, but the two biggest areas the offensive line, which was an enormous problem the last four weeks, coaching change they're not withstanding has have played very, very well and the defense all year to the point where I think you have to consider Patrick Graham. When you look at the coordinators and coaching candidates now, maybe they're I don't know how many vacancies there are going to be, because we already have. Three. How many more will come still remain to be seen? But you have to think that Patrick Ramsey might be on somebody's list. Right now. His name will be bandied about. Well, he actually get a job if the Giants Should make the playoffs and they go in and make a stand and pull it up, said, and I know they'll be home. But whoever comes to him is probably going to be a favorite in that game. Their defense shows a big on that day that would certainly advanced cancers. We still got a couple games to go. And then the if the Giants win the division, which just stated, I think that the favorite to do self, um, that would certainly increase his chances of getting a gig. Yeah, the Giants defense, There's no other way to state it other than a pleasant surprise this year. From what was I thought? The fair expectation for the giant defense coming into the season? Yeah, I think they've done an incredible job. I mean, today I wasn't wasn't uh, in them immediately sold on it because of what had transpired and their winds and come against teams with losing records. But today was, how could you say anything otherwise than what a great job They have done over this last month, Speaking of great jobs that mother with the Steelers have done all year long, the only unbeaten team remaining and right now I'm joined by Jim Wechsel of Steelers Digest, who also has a book coming out about Troy Polamalu entitled Polamalu and Jim joins us Now, Jim. How are you? Richard Ackerman, Jody McDonald. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on guys. And thanks for promoting my book for me. Absolutely won't want to get ah little more on that before we get off the year. But also you know, you look at this stealer team and not only the 11 and Oh, but they've had two major injuries on defense and, of course, This is the team that's had to have been most inconvenient so far by covert 19. Yeah. Yeah, The inconvenience part is, you know it makes it sketchy. It's a little bumpy right now, but I think they had the right coach for one thing. Who had the right demeanor to beginning of the season regarding all of this, maybe maybe his Ah Preparing them. What's the word? You know when I'm missing it, But a self fulfilling prophecy kept telling him things were gonna get bad. Be ready. Be light on your feet. We're not going to complain and boom. Things got mad and they were light on your feet. And you know, it's Tom A was very irritated Wednesday. And the team played poorly, and you would think that he's irritated by the what has happened to them league wide. As you said the covert thing has has hit them with the scheduling, not hit them. But, um, I think he was more irritated losing. But Dupri and I think you hit on that. They've got a bigger problem. Losing their 2nd 1st round linebacker is, uh, you know, defense. It's been Linebackers of are always the backbone. Whenever it's a great Steelers team. That's a great line back in court, and now they've lost two of them. So Ben listed as questionable getting into the Monday night game. Now that you're there, you're gonna keep it under wraps and make it a game day slash game time decision, But you're there every day. You want to give us a guess as to whether Rafa's burger is going to be good to go. Is it gonna be really a 50 50 call judgment called right before Game time. How do you see his status for the Game tomorrow night. He's going to play. Um I'm gonna I'm gonna do it this way. I didn't get it from the source. But I know the reporter and I know his source and he's never wrong on injuries, and Jerry do lack is reporting that Ben's going to play he practiced today, so he's gonna play. You know, when it first came out. I thought it was his shoulder because he took a blast on the first series in the last game, and he was nothing with his shoulder. And on the sideline for a couple 23 quarters, and then it looks strong. At the end of the game is arm did look strong. He was throwing some laser beams so, but I was worried it was shorter and the knee has been a problem for a couple weeks now probably stiffened up bottom..

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