Rape, Msnbc, Hillary discussed on Dennis Prager


The private sector this place can be brought up on hostile workplace violations told that to valerie jarrett that's his one of his top advisors now when the book came out of course net anita dunn said i didn't say that unfortunately for her mr suskind the writer taped her any washington post reporter heard the tapes and said he wrote verbatim what she said now this book came out while obama was in office alleging that he was his administration was sexist and that if it were the private sector they could be brought up on hostile workplace violations did anybody give a rip do you recall anybody talking about it on cable don't get me started on the allegations made by juanita broaddrick against clinton against hillary now i know bill wasn't running but hillary was anybody during the two thousand sixteen campaign anybody any reporter madam secretary a woman named juanita broaddrick claims she was raped by your husband and their two weeks after the alleged rape you verbally intimidated her do you have a comment are you kidding me if allegations have been made like that against trump you think maybe just maybe reported might have brought it up but let's talk stormy daniels and the bottom line here is there's no campaign finance laws that have been broken this has nothing to do with collusion has everything to do with the left wing media wanting to trash donald trump and therefore giving her headlines base and it's a woman who signed a deal right before the election probably assume the way most people did that trump had no shot at getting elected and if i'm going to get maximum amount of money out of this guy now is my time to do it oops trump got elected and now you realize you sold cheap that's going on here watching an interview of her lawyer listening to interview of her lawyer i believe it was on msnbc picture it was and i kept waiting for the woman to ask him did she voluntarily sign in india and you say trump's signatures on their why did this a valid contract how come the women who signed indie as under four with harvey weinstein's company are coming forward and and and it's willing to be why aren't they doing that.

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