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Show Junko Belkin champ. Okay, if I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio and a zoo. You probably know Trump supporters stormed the capital today got into the Senate chamber, the House chamber. They shut down the deliberations and debate that was going on over certifying the electoral college count, and one woman was shot and we understand from various media outlets. She apparently has died. Look like there's video of her. She was shot in the neck lying in the hallway. Of the capital, and we don't know. We think law enforcement shot her. We don't know the reasons and way. Imagine she was one of the Trump supporters who marched, but we don't know that either for certain they have cleared a lot of people off the Capitol grounds. They've declared a curfew. In Washington, D C until six tomorrow morning. Congressman Tom McClintock is at the Capitol and he's on with us now. And Tom, I imagine you were in the House chamber. I was What did you see? What did you experience? Well, the first indications anything wrong is there was just kind of a general change and, uh, ambience of the room. You could tell there are a lot of conversations going on suddenly that that hadn't been while the debate was proceeding, and suddenly the security details came in, and with the leadership out of the chamber Then there were concussions is the as the chamber doors were all close and Capitol Police officer came in and explained that the capital have been breached that, uh, they were locking the chamber and we're requesting everyone to stay there. Um, a next thing you know, we're told that there's tear gas in the rotunda and That we should obtain breathing gear, which is nearby on Shortly after that. They decided to evacuate the chamber. They secure the route for us. I'll tell you really came home to me. What was going on? As I passed a well, two things. Number one is we're reaching one of the tunnels. Um uh, you could hear the police radios of the police officers were going by and it sure as hell sounded like shots fired on the house floor. And I heard that I thought that I must have misheard that that couldn't possibly be right. But, uh, a Zay approached one of the elevators in the office buildings they were bringing in a a Capitol police officer who was a obviously been injured, not not related to the gunfire as far as I know, but just had been injured. And, uh, that's what it really hit home. This is this is real. Did you have to go and hide somewhere? Uh, I guess you could call it that. But we prefer to call it sheltering in place. Okay? No, I mean, is there Is there a secret? Uh, Say from a safe room where Congressman go in case there was some kind of terrorist attack, or, uh, not a specifically designated one. But the Capitol police had secured Umm sheltering area so many of the members went there. What do you What do you make of this? I mean, these. These were all obviously trump supporters, and he fired him up for an hour and a half, and they decided to move on down from the White House to, uh The Capitol building and storm the place. But I am of a state of mind right now where I probably shouldn't offer candid opinions. My I chief of staff was the former aircraft carrier commander, And he said that the greatest lesson he learned in all of his years in the United States Navy was that the first reports are always wrong. So I want to start getting more details about who actually was involved with this and behind it, But I can tell you I am furious about the President's conduct over the past 24 hours. And this I feel very strongly about this. This this this attack on the Capitol. Um It strikes at the most most sacred act of our democracy. That's the peaceful transfer of power ever since I was a little kid and civics classes from first grade on one of the things that our nation was proud of stuff was the peaceful transfer of power. That's what was going on on the House floor. When the capital was stormed. It is an outrage. It's a threat to our our most fundamental principles of free people. Um, and it was, uh, the textbook definition of terrorism, violence in pursuit of political goals. The people who have stormed the capital are terrorists. They're not special people or people We should love. As the president said today. Um, and that's about all I have to say about that right now. Well, you you said, you said a lot there. Do you think this is the culmination of all the frustration or just the beginning? I don't know. I can't read minds and I can't tell fortunes. I don't know what the future holds for us. Obviously, this I, uh if I were to try to make a prediction on this, I would think that maybe is going toe. Bring us back to reality here. I think that the the country has been Very badly divided, not breaking new news here. Um and increasingly slow. So maybe this is a tipping point where we all take a deep breath a step back and saying, OK, this has gone too far. We've got to reunite is Americans. I hope that's going to be what comes of this. No. Unless, like Miss Red you you've had your own reservations about the fairness of this election. Well, I I have, although I've been very critical of the attempt to use the Congress to nullify electoral votes. Um uh, that that that is so contrary to the basic architecture of our Constitution, um you know, I keep saying there's reports that Congress was meeting to certify the election. Congress does not certify the election. The state's certify the election. Um you know, I've heard it said what? We're gonna resolve all the disputes. Well, we aren't empowered. Tonto Resolve disputes under Article three. That is a powers strictly reserved to the judiciary. Our responsibility. A Z. A Congress is to count the votes that the states have certified and that the courts have have resolved. Thea. Standing legal disputes. Um there's no discretion there, according to the vice president, or to the Congress to count on Lee certain votes. Um and if that ever happens Um, I think that that's extremely dangerous because if the Congress could refuse to count electoral votes, for whatever reason I am and remember, we can always come up with a reason..

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