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It is quite unusual on both the low in Anaheim for Patrick, and I, but it's it's it's great. 'cause I grew up listening to a lot of female singers. Bobby mcferrin was a huge influence on. And so it's quite it's awesome to have a chance to mess with that onstage in the actual sing. With the other thing is it really brings four the idea that your character with those high notes sort of the idealist, and you Patrick art are kind of the realist, you're you're down on the ground. Old opera tradition of being the heavy and the tenor being the hero. You know? And it's and yet completely modern in this context that word modern Eva, how do you take a character? Like, yours sort of scrappy and make it modern and relatable is wrapping up modern. Well, in the original myth, you're at he doesn't really have a voice she kind of just waifs around. And then goes back down underground. And I think what's incredible. Is that with the people the creative team? They've really allowed me to express it in a way that she is very scrappy and punky and cheese survivor, but she also uses her instincts to make certain choices without giving too much away. And there's also a beautiful love story. And that's also I think as modern as you can get with portraying falling in love everyone can relate to that. So yeah, it was nice to give her voice and for her not to be victimized in this play. Now, you're doing this show in the United States at a time. When obviously we've been hearing a lot about building the wall. President Trump talking about building the wall in your show, which was written before President Trump started saying that you. Patrick,.

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