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Number two we're going to do this last week we ran out of time has been a lots of talk about sexism in spor women's sport grows from strength to strength vocal in cricket team made huge strides women boxing now often sidebyside with men's bills phil neville friend of all of us took criticism when he took on the role as the england lioness's manager dotson f one of announced they're going to be dropping grid and walk on girls what do we think of this whole to right obviously controversial highly sensitive use my third using hello hello faith bears ice bill passed his at all get rid of this hot potato of course he's very firmly that i've been calling conflicted over the the the whole called girls in the good girls got in there are arguments on both sides on the one hand what worries me a bad i've got a daughter will turn up at a darts match and you got the guys who are playing the actual match the people who've come to see and you've got girls there was little walking in wearing skimpy outfits i would find it i think a challenge to explain to evi why is it the girls have one role in the guy seemed to have the principal role i don't like the fact that it's kind of like her in a doorman over and the krugman that that kind of peripheral to the actual action and i think you could interpret that sexist on the other hand unarmed on one hand on the other hand i do think that these jobs the girls women have and joy and it's voluntary it's a free society and if the promoters think this adds to the glamour the hollywood feel of a particular event that is entirely up to them so i'm honestly i am massively toy.

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