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Shawn Watson, Russell Wilson, Dwayne Brown discussed on First Things First


So it is a huge loss. But the my worry about Shawn Watson is. Their inability to protect him. And he yesterday he was dynamic with his legs nine carries seventy yards. Touchdown. But when he's getting hit in the pocket, and he's also opening himself up two hits down the field. Running the football. Even if he'd never been hurt Zeynep the out of him just as far as the the ability take NFL punishment. The Texans right now are paying the price for they signed Brock Osweiler to get rid of him. They had to trade away. Second round pick. These two first round picks to get Shawn Watson, they had a contract dispute with Dwayne Brown. They got rid of him. So because of all those because they didn't have the draft picks, and they got rid of their left tackle right now. They're often line is designed to work in progress. The progress will start this off season and wants and his too often running for his life for my taste as far as believing that. He I think he's an excellent player. I think he's at more risk than almost any quarterback in football right now because of the personnel around him. I didn't have any different film about Russell Wilson. When he. He was in his second really even know Russell hadn't gotten hurt. Rustling him have a little different body type. But I do believe the Shaun. He can take the pound. He is not Cam Newton, but many he's very athletic. I believe it helps out the coaching staff. It helps out this offense. It helps them. I don't mind the guy running in controlled situations. I do want them to improve their offense of line. So at least on some of his dropback stuff. He gets a cleaner look in the to build to develop it helps out. You can't always have free runners, and you can't always have my offenses off schedule. No, you can't do that to a young quarterback. So this is still a team that's trending on the way, they can get into the playoff. But they are a year away. We talk about that with teens and there's nothing wrong with that. They need a good strong offseason. They need a good strong draft Bill to fortify that offense align the Bill give him some protection. But speed you can't replace speed in the season. And I just believe. That that that right? There is really going to hurt them going forward. Winnable game coming up this weekend. When they host the Cleveland Browns. Their games are winnable off schedule the rest of the way. Let's take a break coming up talks and Packers. Aaron Rodgers starting to realize that the end..

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