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Yeah. So day one at the Davis cut by BNP para bar final has come and gone, and it has gone completely the way of curry share an absolute landslide in their favor. After the first two rubbers of the day. First of all we've had born church defeating Jeremy shoddier, France. And then it was married Chile turn, and he also defeated Joe Wolford Songa so six sets out of six and it was noisy at times. But Matt Roberts who's over there inside the stadium thing which which was noisy. It's not noisy anymore. It's not no. It's just me. And the guy watering the court at the moment. And yes a few hours ago. This was bouncing with Croatian support. And the French set of filed their way out rather rather miserably at the end because that is an absolute thumping today that the French didn't even break serve. That's how that's how comprehensive it was. That's rather different Catherine with to to the scene that you would describing exactly a year ago because I think it was one all wasn't after day one last year. It sounds like it's it's an immense. Contrast similar. I'm sure I'm sure that we have any impact on how loud the crowd cheer tomorrow will then stay if the day three is even in play. Which is I think I'm expecting France to take a point in the doubles tomorrow. But it's very far from gimme very very far. From that say there is now a chance that this could be a three. Three of win for for Cratia, which I think I think neutrals probably prefer that it wasn't. But yeah, there's no there's no other way to describe today than than thumpings six in sets. I mean, yeah. No breaks of serve. No, no, real moments in either match were you ever really thought that that either shoddy. You also were were we're going to mount challenge serious ones. I had lots of thinking today if Yannick Noah even night, not that there's anything. I mean, it's it's obviously he's putting him for the doubles thinking in terms of decision making just chew upon. I think it was you who said the this has the feeling of a mismatch this tie at the moment. And actually until you said that last night. I was I've been looking at the lineup and thinking, oh, you know, it's on French soil, and they've got Songa, and they've got this depth. Got this great doubles team. I think it could be pretty close. I I would make Cratia favorites because of their to number one players, but you pretty adamant that point. And then when when I started to dig down into the detail of avoid that might be in and the lack of activity of Songa, and and the the decision to shoddy and ahead of Luca, Capri, and etc. Cetera. I definitely came around by the end of the podcast to to be more in your camp. Was it when you were out there when when the teams came out did it quickly become a feeling of that ilk? Because I watched what was interesting to me was watching the anthems. And I I feel that you there's nothing quite like Davis Cup anthems. And and the contrast between the two teams was so stark he'd got Cratia who weren't even singing along with their national anthem. They were they weren't. There were barely. Acknowledging it they was stone faced and then you've got the French team. You got Nikola who crying in floods of tears and the rest of them were belting out the French national anthem. And then suddenly all went flat. Didn't it yet? Did I must say first of all Lamar say is is just the most brilliant national anthem. I I learnt the words to it for a school for school trip. We went to watch France play in the six nations, and we spend all day school chips better than mine. Well, it was actually it was actually a school trip to see A Malia play with a reprimand tacked onto the end. It was very good. But I went school camping down the local field. But the story is that we were so late into the stadium. We miss the national anthem. So learning the words proved to be fairly pointless. But on this occasion, I was in the stadium and court Lemercier, and it really does have a rousing impacts on the stadium..

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