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I mean, Don McClain, call now I'm going on Wednesday nights to check it out. And we're gonna do a Facebook live. On junk bonanzas Facebook page. So look for that too. 'cause oh let me get the skinny just to see what they've gotten where to go all programming. No, while Lexus there so Thursday, it'll be a fun show because Alexis will have that on Thursday, the skinny on junk bonanza wall Lexus there, I will be seeing the advanced screening of pet cemetery. So have going to be there. I'll give you my review. Don, we'll give you both of our reviews on Thursday. Those are going to be so tired because it starts at nine thirty. It does I believe so. Well, that sucks. Donkey case nine thirty PM. That's ridiculous. I believe so check it out. So unless you have a different no, I'm going to write a strongly worded Email. Right. Somebody just asked. It was funny. We were just playing would you rather? And the last question was would you rather wake up in bed with your axe or a hungry tiger and tiger baby. Tiger. Yeah. And I said my accent a couple of people who have listened for a long time. No all of our stories said which extra you're referring to Jason. And they're meeting the fake British boyfriend. Valid question. Very valid question. Lex vary. Valid no not that ax. I would say Ryan the guy data right before right before college. So right would be fine. I don't need to ever ever ever see fake British guy ever again in my life. Ever again. But which by the way, I did like I forgot how I did it. I think he unblocked me about a couple of months ago curiosity was killing me. And I did I searched for him on Facebook. And I did find him and he is no longer in prison. No, no. So he is I believe in either Chicago or New York now. Oh, yeah. I wonder what he's doing. Now is here. Nascar driver. If you don't know I had a guy I can't go to the whole story. We don't have time Don and coming here. But he wanted to one of the many lies. He told me was that he was a tennis efficient and girl. He may he may have owned a racket..

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