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Cates. This is the business of sports from Bloomberg radio with Scott and Michael Barr. Thanks for joining us. Let's continue our conversation with the CEO of BSE global. Brett your Mark from a revenue standpoint? You guys are not yet quite an NFL. But it's reasonable to think that in in the future, you know, that that gap could narrow do you see a future in which the NBA given its global footprint can be can be bigger than the NFL. How long do you think that might? I don't know we could be bigger than the NFL. But I do think, you know. An I live by the monetary can control what you can control. And I think there's a lot of upside a lot of growth, and I think about Joe tie in his investment in the Brooklyn nets. And he certainly realized that there's wonderful growth potential. Investing. So do we let let let me ask about sort of that interim versus at home. And I think what everybody's looking at Joe included is the ability to scale and media today in sort of Thomas Friedman flat world you can scale without limit. And whether that's a thirty second highlight clip whether that's the last two minutes of a game. Just do the math on number of games times number of seats versus worldwide consumers. That's where the opportunity is in here. I am again with my cell phone. How do sports in general? How does the NBA hat of the nets had has had his BSE global? How does it pursue customers and fans who are used to this little dig if you look at the NBA with they've done just in China is a great example. I mean, there only been there for so long. That was not there. But they're not there. But I think that's a recipe for success. I mean, it's a wonderful blueprint how they can do whole. They've been able to deliver meaningful content to market like China reinforce it. You know with the China game of the week gets like twenty million per night. Let's play million viewers all all nets games or in one way, shape or form. Delivered to to that marketplace whether streamed or on TV, I mean, whatever the case might be and and I think that's wonderful for for the NBA. But also great in as we tried to grow the sport and do it through content, and you're hearing about content deals at the league is doing all over the world right now in in markets where they see upside potential and fandom. So you're right. I think it's limitless. I think the upside is terrific. And I think the continued globalization the sport is on the horizon, how does the battle shape up? Let's pretend here I am. I'm agron. I'm left. You're sitting down. The pretending Justin Bieber. Okay. I wish we had a photo of to put up right now. That you're dealing with their management. They're they're picking venues to play in New York. How does that battle shave up? How do you say complete? Is it an either? Or is there a both? How do you say Barclays is the place for you? Well, and that's a great question. We let me take a step back for a moment when we were doing a lot of due diligence before Barclays was built we realized to our data that this market was at almost full capacity. As far as how they could host the biggest and greatest events and artists, and I think that's come to fruition where it came to fruition. And now when you think about Barclays, and what we've done over the last six years MSG remains MSG. I mean, there are legendary venue and they've done a terrific job programming. They're building, but Barclays has been very additive to the marketplace. This market was losing content. Great shows great events, and when you think about the rankings and pollstar billboard. I mean, we're one two on between MSG Barclays. So the markets. Big enough for both of us. So now, let's let's determining why Barclays versus MSG. You're why MSG over Barclays, you know, when you think about Brooklyn, there's a hip cool factor. And I think, you know, from from our perspective, we we have a sweet spot, and that's for that younger artists that once that equity transfer that wants to play Brooklyn for all the right reasons, they've heard a lot great things about the borough. They want that hip cool play and Brooklyn delivers it, and so when you think about the artists that have come to Brooklyn over the last six years, I mean, we've had your legendary acts for sure. But you know, the the up and coming emerging artists that young pop urban artists that that once that Brooklyn play has made it their home and they keep coming back. And there's lots of reasons for it. I think customer service plays a key role in it. They make money in our building. Which also is a factor. And I think in many respects, we give them a reason to keep coming back. What do you make the most money? Well, I mean, I think in our businesses quite healthy. Obviously, the anchor tenant is the Brooklyn nets. So I think most buildings say their anchor tenants are them the most revenue, but does that why hockey it's better for you for the islanders to play games? Elsewhere because you can make more with the concerts with the family entertainment news. I think is a is a is a totally different scenario when you look back at, you know, the whole islanders move to Brooklyn. It's been met with mixed results. And we we had hoped for more. I think the fans had hoped for more. But at the end of the day Long Island is their core. Marketplace base resides, and the fact that we're able to move twenty games back there this year, and who knows what that grows to over. The course of the next couple of years was the right move. And I wanna thank every Bettman for approving it. I want to thank the islander ownership for really been great partners for people who may not know, by the way, also you own that property also. Yes. ESE global venues. And it's great for the building it creates purpose for that building. But big picture. That's what the fans are. And but I think the fans are getting what they deserve. And that's their home team back to Long Island. And I think it's gonna work out. Really, really? Well, other sightings, go out a lot of excitement Goebbels Brett, your Mark breath. Thanks, thanks for coming in. Thank you takeaways. There are lot of takeaways, but the one that impressed me about Brooklyn is a brand. And when you think about it. Yes. Because I was stupid thing that popped in my mind when he mentioned about Brooklyn. And when I was a kid go back asking us, if we know the stupid thing that popped. I mean, you remember welcome back kotter. Do I do? I know Arnold horseback. Is that what you're asking? Oh, do that Washington too. Well. Welcome back kotter. Well. Come on dreams. Come come on. Anyway, frank. I mean, it's true, you know, work Lynn years ago from the old TV shows, and this and that, and of course is still here today. Can we get Gabe Kaplan on he's a great bookable Khokar play? I know him from the poker and one of my favorite movies. But was it where he was the coach at Cadwalader university. Do you ever see remember that was the basketball coach at WADA? Yeah. That's break. Yes. Opening scene where let's say they're doing something in the car. They're not supposed to and the police siren comes up from behind him. And let's just say they're shoving a whole bunch of stuff in their mouths. So the police can't find it when they get pulled over and they pull over and the police car zooms right past great big beginning. Bad. Take away from this thing was that you've got an owner from Russia. You've got an Asian owner one is selling to the other there helping with the ecommerce this. They're hoping with globalization so much going on in the franchise so much going on in the league excited to see in the as I've said a million times flat world, scalable media, how this franchise in particular takes its content around the world. Big.

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