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Dot com here is John Aaron and thanks for taking me along with you we continue to follow a developing story out of Virginia this morning sheriff's deputies in fall Kerr county have expanded their search for a teenager who they say killed his mother and young brother last night it's been more than twelve hours and sheriff's deputies and talk your county Virginia started going door to door to look for Levi Norwood the seventeen year old shot and killed his mother and six year old brother last night in a home on oak run road they have now started looking in fields and outbuildings James Hartman of the Fokker county sheriff's office we're asking for the public's help if anyone sees Levi do not approach he's considered armed and dangerous and all nine one one does in the Midland area should shelter in place the suspect is described as white with recently died a short purple hair he also shot his father but he is expected to survive Valerie bonk WTOP news we do have some power outages to tell you about this morning Pepe goes reporting more than three thousand customers without power and parts of the Navy Yard waterfront in Capitol Hill areas of southeast and southwest DC the power company tells us a contractor from another company dug into the underground cables near half and water streets southwest causing the outage we'll bring you the latest on when power is expected to be restored in the area when we get that information a heads up for metros Orange Line riders big disruptions will start well before round the clock track work starts this summer metro shutting down parking in east and west falls church starting next month they'll be no parking in east falls church from March fifteenth until at least September and parking at west falls church we cut in half with the west falls church garage likely filling up by seven AM one small lot on the north side at me and I will also be closed this all is set up for big construction that will close Vienna and on lowering stations from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day only two trains passing through east falls church this summer without stopping the closures will also mean boss changes including Loudon metro connection shifts from west falls church to Boston starting in just over a week Max Smith WTOP news a bill that would provide more money to repair and build schools is moving ahead in Maryland General Assembly the house passed the bill one hundred twenty eight to six yesterday it will allow the Maryland stadium authority to issue up to two point two billion dollars in revenue bonds over five years the money would be added to the four hundred million dollars the state already spends each year to build and repair schools the bill to learn act now heads over to the Senate for a vote if it's approved several districts including Baltimore city and Anna Rundle schools will get millions Erica Murphy WTOP news ahead after traffic and weather a ground breaking test developed around here that is saving young lives it's ten oh seven chase.

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