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At Las Vegas Motor Speedway in last week, Kyle, we saw you running mostly the middle of the race track. About here today. You're gonna be able to get up in that Larson lane or what's gonna take to have the fast laps. I don't know. Hopefully, our cars get enough that I don't have to get up there. I think Looking at the past results for Hendrick Motor Sports. Yeah, they've always been pretty strong here, so I'm excited about our day. I think our 100 cars dot com Chevrolet is gonna be good and balanced and just got to do a good job on the restarts. You're choosing the correct lanes and Keep executing well on pit road. Our picture has been really good to start the year so been happy there and, Yeah, it's a long race. So you're the track will change a lot. Probably. It's slick. It points if you're the son of her pops out, and you lost potential, that too, so This is a fun place and would love to get a win. Good luck to you. Thank you. Kyle Larson, looking for another solid running that Hendrick Motor Sports number five Wendy Venturini Penske Cars are always good here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, including this guy, Joey Logano. Joey, What are you expecting to happen today? And how confident do you feel? Huh? Huh? Huh? I feel pretty confident. Obviously, Last few times we've been here. We've had really good pencil Mustangs and it being the pencil 400. We really want to make that happen again, So I feel good about it. It's always funny with someone else. That question these days is way didn't have practice, so it's it's really hard to say for sure, but By the stats of this has been a really good ratio. Of course. We'll have fun out there for this Pennzoil 400, representing the sponsor colors today, Brad McMillan. All right, Brad kissed last. He's driving another one of those Penske cars. We just finish talking to your teammate. Was going for three in a row in this race. What better guy to stop that streak, then?.

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