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And so she was going back and she did it and it was a night at Sunday night with the family night with the wives and the kids and the whole thing she sang talent Italian Aria and Lo and behold is he. Marion gets his salon in it Caesar's and he did it for the mob mob mob. Run good stuff. Yeah good stuff. Here's a question for you Ben. Oh boy from Josh. Chambers Gra Ben a great work on the Keno Edison box. Oh some fun gems in there. What is one classic silent film film you would like to either re score or perform live? it's hard. It's really hard to pick There's so many I get this. I get this question a lot. Like what's it's your favorite film. I don't really have a favorite phone. I'm glad he liked the Connecticut on well. How about this instead? He says then. Also for Ben what is his opinion of the nineteen eighty-four remix of metropolis. Oh Freddie Mercury not my cup of tea there are some people who who really like it But there's always been attempts for for decades to make silent film more interesting by putting more contemporary music on it and sometimes it works but a lot of times it. It doesn't necessarily mean it's all a lot of tickets and people saw it and now a lot of people know what metropolis is. But it didn't usher in a new era of going to silent movies. How did you feel about the new Dracula Dracula score? The it's well. It's it's Philip glass so once you hear a couple of bars you kinda get it. It's the same thing over and over And it was done a bunch of years ago and that's I mean a my interest in trying to do a score which I did this year and last year and a couple of places on theatre Oregon. Has that the original Dracula is a great film. But it doesn't get shown all that much and part of the problem is absolutely new music in it at all except for the opening titles which has music from Swan Lake because when you think of Vampires Yeah and and so there are these gaping holes. Where as a as a moviegoer you expect music to be there? But there isn't it's and so what I what I've tried to do. Is I've done a couple. I mean I don't know if I can impose on piano but just to just to lay in little bits of music here and there to support the emotions on screen so you're just not listening to Lucy. Breathe grieve yet. Don't we phrase taste. I don't I don't I mean it's not it's not going to sound like much without the film it's okay. We know the film very well. Just something simple underneath. There's there's that moment when I see Dracula's wives and then we cut to this wide shot and these three women in a serial gowns just sort of walk quietly for several seconds and you know just just just trying to find something that that supports and also keeps your ears occupy while you're waiting for something to happen. Although at times in Dracula when it's silent it's kind kind of viewer to yeah. I don't play Walter Oil music but there are definitely places where where leaving the silence they are works and it it was just a part of it was the technology somebody has told me. Oh well Todd Brownie wanted it without music but I think that It was universal. Pictures was kind of elite the game and adapting to sound and even if tod Browning had wanted a score I don't know if they would have been able to to to do it and even I think Frankenstein also has almost zero zero music or hardly any at all. Isn't there some Swan Lake and Frankenstein to or they're brighter Frankenstein or one of them. I think somebody mentioned to me at a show that the mummy has the the same is the same. Yes if you titles for for the the mummies the same the same thing. What what I you know that that theme team right sounds like Harry Potter? What I remember from all of the Forties Universe is Hans J solter And it was like he was always it was the Wolfman transformation as well as a million other monsters they use and it was that that got that TAT TAT tat. That that that that and And they were just reuse a lot of music and sometimes it would take stock doc. Music from the silent era and drop it in in in a lot of 'cause it was already written and they didn't pay anybody. What peace do you love to play when you're accompanying films? I mean do you prefer I do Something like city lights or or the general or For me it's like it's more about the WHO's in the audience and where I'm doing then then the film itself off so if You know a a an auditorium full of fifth-grader seeing Buster Keaton's one week is almost as just as exciting as getting to play a something at the festival because people are getting to see. What's on screen? It's not about me. Percents an example of of of anything. Anything eating yes. Something you'd go play for one week or our steamboat. Bill.

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