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I don't know about. I want to pose. Don't bring into that. I was feeling good about. Us soccer and all that stuff again. Please don't bring me back there Shadow gago fire. Alleging gonzales cigars though doing things seventeenth but the legacy of that is that's unacceptable answer the roster for atlanta is good enough to be competitive. The difference and the issue is kaelin mentioned. The three coaches one of them built his roster for the way he wanted to play and the other two inherited and then affected transfers. And as much as you say. Frank to borgata signings didn't know who matteis rossetto was before he got atlanta like he gave profiles of players in the atlanta front office went out and got the players that they could to fit those profiles among remember frank with jillian gristle was traded. For instance was sort of like. I don't think that was a great idea. Like i would've rather had julian gristle and hind say was able to bring in players that he knew from argentina. Marcelino marino was already on the roster. Wasn't a piece. You could move so they are now following the same trend and not just bringing looking for a successful overseas manager but also saddling them with a roster that's fully loaded and you have to be smart about making sure that the manager wants to work with the pieces that are there because if the manager has ideas of this is how big picture i wanna play and that fits what you want. And then he gets there and says well. None of these players can do the things that i need. Then you've already lost again and that's the lesson you have to learn mainly from hindsight but also boras. What is the process of setting this manager up in your club clearly. Hindsight didn't have the support the guidance to understand. Mls rules dot understand the culture and environment and to understand what he could affect with the club in clearly. Frank deboer had a bunch of things going on as well. I'm not going to get into that. I guess they both at other things going on. But like that's the worry for me with atlanta. Is you hindsight. Go and seven days. In you've got paulo fonseca interviewing your rumored to sign another big time player on a roster that has some long term contracts now because you just sign a bar you just signed sosa. You just signed franco..

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