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And westbound Braddock Road inside the Beltway near Ridgewood Road. Still, with all lanes blocked due to the downed wires there. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic at a storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets yesterday was not bad. It was a little on the breezy side. But all in all that really wasn't that bad out there. Temperatures made it into the mid top or forties. Believe it or not yesterday, but it felt like the 30 through much of the day today will be in the mid to upper forties. It will feel like the mid to upper forties because We don't have that wind. Yeah, that wind was whipping around yesterday much lighter winds as we continue through the day today, and lots of sunshine Little disturbance will pass south overnight. That'll bring us some cloud cover through the overnight and through the day tomorrow, although we'll see Peaks of sun pretty quiet tomorrow. Once again those temperatures mid to upper forties. We stay in the mid to upper forties on Tuesday as we return to sunshine and that sunshine continues right into your Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures top out right around 50. Reese have taken any rain chances out of Friday as well. It looks like that temperature on Friday, right around 50 with partly sunny skies and 17 4 meteorologist Lauren Records 35 degrees at Tysons Corner, 31 Croft and 35 at landfall in Plaza. This'll is w t O p your resource for two days. Top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W t o p. Never miss a moment. Tell beauty. Opie's top news is brought to you by van Meter Homes. Find a home. That's right for you at Van Meter Homes calm. Good morning. I'm John Aaron. Luke Luke. It is our producer Coming up. President Trump faces growing democratic momentum to impeach him a second time getting to the bottom of a massive cyber hack. Authorities.

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