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Me also let's here because i was what a searing a was but i gave up i became hopeless congressman with these committee hearings i thought it was after ben guys ian i live in hillary's emails or maybe something after that i forget specifically but i've stop getting my hopes up that anything productive will come out of these committee hearings and i'm not going to hearings but but testimony writer where you put someone of fun of a congressional hearing and they have to you know under oath whatever like nothing ever comes out of that congressman so i'm i'm like well whatever who cares like tell me something the good that has come out of these things i can call i i care and in for the last two years i have not run the oversight committee i was term amid it out and my successor did not have the same uh if you will dedication to the job and so it's been less active and and you know i blame john boehner a little bit even which to paul ryan at reinvigorated the committee's activities because some other companies have been more active but i'll give you the long and short of it the reason you should believe it we have passed additional transparency laws including expansion of the freedom or rationed out which i authored uh and that was and by the way schein by this president even though we doesn't believe in transparency oh that will buying the next administrator shin to quicker and faster release and for those who are trying through what's called for you to get discovery they're going to find themselves getting a more sympathetic court because a lot of didn't very much moved in their favor so you got a big step i think it is i think producer watching other groups from the left and the right they want to get to the truth on behalf of the american people we've made some progress but i'm going to reiterate as long as you have a president who believes that his executive orders trump the constitution along hitter present it actually told him supreme court heading in the house of the of the.

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