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Podcast is patchy crandall. He is the pastor of covenant grace church in or covenant grace columbia as correctly known in columbia tennessee. Patrick we were able to send him down there with about sixty people back in the first week of june and you are three months officially end to church planting and so patrick. It's good to have you here. Brother tells a little about you the church and well but let me continue. Actually there's a little bit more about patrick and then we'll ask him some questions but first of all just so you guys know patrick He is a graduate from westminster. You graduated in twenty fourteen twenty fourteen and was already working in church. Fields church down in What's technically what city was that in. Carlsbad ours background -fornia messier eight years on staff santan ten years dozen. Associate there when the church was well below one hundred and part of the acts twenty nine network and has moved out here last. September joined working with me and we started men's women's bowel studies and in june. We didn't think it was going to happen in june with the pandemic but in june blurred and Are now meeting in columbia in a christian school and Up over one hundred people now so anyways that's Patrick and we'll patrick Tell us brother. One of the things we're doing now is talking about what we're preaching. So what are you feeding your sheep right now. Yeah thanks guys. Thanks for letting me join the conversation. John gets have conversations every week. He has to deal with me but It's great to be able to do this. Been blessed by the cast over the years and thought to be part of the nets. Good to have you here. Thanks bro yeah. So we've just had our three month mark since we started services out from from grace and we've been working through a fijian's a nearly think of a much better book to start a church plant with that rich theology the gospel for the first half and then the practical realities of outplays out starting chapter four. Which is what we just got to so last week we did the first part of chapter four talking about the priority of the unity of the body. Which is really good and kind of pushing back. The conc- idea that trish maturity is about strength and independence. it's actually back humility and love and gentleness and pursuing that unity was really good. And this week we move into the diversity of the church right gifts that god gives for the building up of the body in a fees and love will make another appearance. Yes it as they were since we might be at one hundred episodes. Yeah mode enough. This showed the one. Oh one this zone one hundred and one last week and we really dropped the ball and celebrating. One hundred episodes realized it after we recorded. We're like well. I mean there that went and it came and went. We didn't really say anything about it. Here we go. Yeah the The other thing is. I forgot to mention that that patrick is actually in studio with me. So this is my first ever in studio in person in the recording. Johnny lewis. Say anything about this patrick and his role and the fact that people may see him on the show from time to time. Yeah so two things while we have on here today. patrick is obviously Been a pastor for over ten years now church planting which is always fun to have church planters on the. Theo cast podcast But also he is going to be a regular contributor gear. Going forward means we'll get to see him Every so often covering certain topics. We're going to hand back on we're gonna talk about evangelism every church planters favorite thing to do and maybe how we have Misinterpreted what that means the new testament and how maybe sometimes the fear that we have is not Scripture based that'll be in a few weeks specifically about patrick on as this episode and the first one will Justin you can introduce the subject but Patrika actually was part of the acts. Twenty nine network That mark driscoll started back when it was in just early stages. I think you were in the first twenty churches. that's correct data. really i twenty thirty so bachelors. Kind of been up close and personal. Kind of watching the growth of the ministry and The field shirts that he is added excellent church Pat justin and. I both been there. We had our first. The cast live event there about two years ago which is where we met Patrick and started our conversation and not long after that. I got a phone call from him saying. Hey so what do you think about doing a church plant. Which i said sure figure out how to get the money and we'll do it somehow. He figured out how to get the money so apparently yet he's a gangster in la or something like that so those getting something like that. Hey let's let's jump into. This is important topics. Oh justin please explain why we would want to do something. It's pretty different for us. This is not an unusual podcast. So talk to us it. We occasionally do things like this. But it's quite rare to your point so the title of the episode. I'm sure it has been a dead giveaway for people We are not trying to just do something that's In the realm of click bait by talking about the rise and fall of mars hill today. the podcast put out by christianity. Today has been listened to by a lot of people That's probably an understatement. And i know even in my own local church. There are a number of individuals who are very impacted by mark driscoll by marshall church eaten by acts twenty nine and that whole movement in its early years and people have been affected by the fall of mark driscoll over the last half dozen seven years or so and so we thought it could be good for us given that everybody is currently listening to this content. People who are very familiar with mars hill are listening to it. People like myself who were not familiar with mars hill and really had never listened to driscoll preach I'm probably one of the the anomalies who encountered calvinism in the two thousand wasn't infected by driscoll very much but it doesn't matter everybody's listening to this podcast and it's it's a good listen. It's well done. The content is it's engaging it's troubling it's heartbreaking It's all of those things and people are having strong reactions to it and the three of us are not an exception to that like we're listening to it and we're think we have a lot of thoughts about it as pastors as church planters. And what we thought we would do today. We don't want to oversell what we're doing so you guys. This is not a planned episode. We haven't met this thing out at all. we've talked about a few of our main thoughts with each other before we hit record this morning. But you're being invited in on a conversation amongst the three of us as we are reacting to an interacting with the content that we've listened to that is the rise and fall of mars hill. the podcast. and so i'm gonna kick us off just very quickly with an observation about history and circumstance. It's not all that important in terms of some of the things that we want to get to so it's going to kind of acknowledge this and then move forward from here and get more theological kind of takeaways. So i i think one thing that did strike me guys as i listened to the podcast particularly episode to i think outlines is really well the pump had been primed for a movement like mars hill church and for a man like more driscoll to become what he and it became It you had the rise of the mega church to move it in the latter part of the twentieth century. Then i think the podcasts does a good job of outlining and you had a lot of people in the nineties. Who you know. That's our generation guys. I mean we came of age in the nineties disenchanted with cultural christianity disenchanted with kind of moralism. And all this kind of stuff that we had grown up within the church and we.

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