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Large sites to do so, meaning Dodger Stadium, Padre Stadium, Cal Expo and beginning this weekend on radio and TV, New public service announcements raring trying to convince Californians of win their chance comes to get the vaccine when their number is pulled not to bypass the chance to go and get it. Good. 19 vaccines have arrived. You've been recommended by California's top medical experts because they've been proven to be highly effective now. Luckily, California is beginning to see hospitalization numbers leveling a bit. Sacramento's region in Northern California that stay at home order has even been eased in the last few days, but 300 Miles south here in southern California, it's leveling off a bit. But hospitals remain overwhelmed, and public health officials are pleading with people here. Just stay home. The damaging impact to our families and our local hospitals from this surge is the worst disaster our county has experienced for decades. That's L. A county health director, Dr Barbara for rare putting out her daily message. So now we turn to these iconic sites where it still feels like a movie that now they're mass vaccination sites. Not that long ago. It's where we gathered for fun I every hope is soon will be able to return his family's going out and having a good time, But right now here, at least, it is a battle. Reporting for perspective. I'm Alex Stone ABC News in Los Angeles Coming up Si es goes virtual what the conference was like this year when Tech junkies couldn't attend in person, our tech team, we'll talk about it on perspective. After this. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs..

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