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Kills black yet and you're just drinking ranking something i'm drinking in bull bogus i gotta go it's eight billion degrees yeah you know how easily i roll with everything who is it was so high it was so oppressively hot and i had to go up and performer coachella what you see all that great footage from 2007 got will be orrick chili peppers raised against the machine natural law us and there was also amy winehouse allow whirl met after the show so cheese laallam matter mirror i was guiquan up paul semi known from the clash was sitting there so basically about to lose oregon's just i mean i was already freaked out than winehouse walked up and there hey how you do we have high to her okay so cool app powered santa baby for two points for to enter dragging manner santer baby jim need tunein claw cash uh santa baby a lay coming in at number five correct good job glove you've now have an extra four points towards drag i would like to talk about something before we say goodbye our anniversary shell yes alas up i would like to say pete lau peep they had a memorial further rip too low peep that a memorial forum on the beach so it was nice to see that that meant something the people in long beach and was also nye said it wasn't during summer because it's kind of a downer but were.

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