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But I do believe that the the biggest the greatest danger to to trump's are kind of me is to our economy to our economic growth is I've been stating here is tied immigration and now that they're beginning to say that my veiny set in England he didn't say it over here and in Alabama or Tennessee or is one of the other red states Arkansas come over here and tell those people and they need to grow a pair and say look we need more Ayman immigrants into our country and I guarantee you'll never hear this again trump just said this year I'm sorry last year he said our country is full can't take you anymore so turn around now move any comes and goes he says in this is I'm gonna Cordy quote him he says we are desperate for more people so what's the truth well that's what I told you you know where I got my fax the Congressional Budget Office the census the world what's the name of that Namik form to and north Americans I want to say it north American economic form they said this United States needs immigration but you got a guy who who is it he's he's I'm well he's a he's he's got a base and he's a he's delivered this message and he won't back off right I Trevor hi you're much of an eighty but don't go Ben all right Mister everyday driving and just curious on your opinion here we don't always agree are you making comments like the uneducated in our country trumps jurors quote unquote no I I I did back off I said that I don't think all trump supporters on educated puts it is trump that says I love the uneducated I mean that was a quote you know yeah I'm in New York people that live in our country that have building towering I believe one other cats I have the last four years is getting so exercised that I attack all trump supporters as the same and they're not they're very a lot of different reasons why people voted for trump the but I do think that people you know it's like the saying is like obviously I don't think all trump supporters racist but I do believe all races voted for trump because they they know because of the kind of stuff he said about Charlotte's fill the things he said about blacks and Muslims and Mexicans and all so you know I mean that's my goal here in the next ten months is to you know to try to show people that voted for trump before that it be better to vote for somebody that will you know that will help their economic situation that will be better for all Americans and you know bring us all up together I am and I is it's difficult sometimes when I get you know I get only hear from people that are you know going to call me up and call me a live chart or anything like that I got a bite my tongue and that's harder for me yeah I just think that we should be when we try to be inclusive as a country and then we every conversation is more division whether it's who's on stage at the democratic debate or all who which group or ethnic groups or social group is going to vote for and care this is the other and I think we should stick to policy and what people believe sorry I agree I agree I mean I think you know I made the it would be great you know the yeah there's a little bit of an irony here that James Cornell who's just been appointed as head of the N. I. is gay yeah trump and and shot Rush Limbaugh attacked to judge but I don't hear rush talking at all about this guy that is now the head of the day and I use it you know a director of national intelligence so it's it's obvious that there's there's selective you know personal attacks I mean judges a is a real as a really interesting guy he's very religious are his policies are not what you'd call socialist Emma Craddick he's he's a you know he's a smart is a veteran I mean but well nobody's considering him because he's gay and that's screwed up right all I know that you're not considering well yeah and the fact that the president of Russia bar anybody else chooses to talk about one person versus another the sage of all this other guys gave maybe talk about them but it's all political moves for example you don't agree with Bernie Sanders so you're trying to steer the boarding people torch another candidate because we have a better chance of winning and they're talking up you to judge because they're trying to steer the voters that well I mean my I also don't believe and and the economic concepts that Bernie Sanders is proposing I don't I mean I don't let me rephrase that I I believe in his sincerity and I think that you know that we could use a little more income redistribution but I what I I I I want the people in the swing states understand that Democrats care about them you know a I don't yeah I do I as I think it's important that that we understand that what Sanders is saying is not reflective of the average Democrat the average Democrat is not that far from the average Republican we aren't you know I mean and it seems to me that is a few social issues that really separate us more than economic issues Hey Trevor thanks look already push it okay I doubt we have break and I ran over that I that so phone number eighty eighty eight ten if you have some you'd like to tell me you're more than welcome drop declared himself the chief law enforcement officer in the land and you know what he's one half of one percent right that's next Franklin KGO a tent and streaming online at KGO radio dot com what about the date if its fiery or controversial some but if not pretend it didn't happen and we're gonna be standing up for those Portland firefighters were in trouble for the dumbest of.

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