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As tunisia human being will observe who gica the place actually that programs you norman kenya where fainting and in at a certain way actually after civil things probably of them have time to talk about vim depths transform me and my will thinking totem and so a survivor of a terrorist attack and palestinian walk through the door sounds like a joke but i cannot believe i'm telling you this really happened to me yes this is the middle east peace podcast molly livingstone your host in jerusalem alex is going to have to sit this one out because you guys have to listen to this incredible interview that i had with the palestinian refugee alley that is what we are going to be calling him because for safety reasons he cannot say who he actually is where he actually as from and we can't even use his real voice i'm joined with him in the interview bike he wilson k wilson is a survivor of a vicious terrorist attack here in israel about six years ago she and her friend were brutally attacked in a forest as she watched her friend die and she basically speak to her death she stabbed many many many times crawled out of the forests guts out and survived she has incredible stories you can find her online she's everywhere she's done ted talks but here in my home with my baby of course whining in the background she an elite give a very raw version of what is to be here in his rao and then i come in and say some dumb stuff so you're gonna wanna listen to this share your thoughts with me what do you think you think he's just a spy you think he's legit drank the koolaid or do you think that maybe maybe were all just human beings that can actually figure out a way better than the politicians had to figure this crap out and buy crap i mean piece by piece i mean i don't know listen in.

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