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Donald Trump, Janet, Benham discussed on Bob Brinker


Twenty one we have donald online and benham tune donald it's your turn hi bob my understanding is that the looking for replacement pagoda cooper said why is that better than zero inflation that's a great question donald and the answer that chair janet will give you is that they really wanna stay as far away as they can from deflation if we get into a deflation nary economy we have a disaster on our hands yeah and that's the reason they want to stay as far away as they can and and their opinion two percent is far ways they can uh do you agree with her i think that it's a reasonable objective i think that if we go into a deflationary economy it's all over forest it's all over we're done and i think you really have to avoid deflation and you figure for inflation there's too much of a chance to go to the voter well we all we know that we know that for a fact because they haven't been able to get to their two percent and so if we words zero we would now be at deflation if the target had been zero we would now be at deflation because the target is too and they have nathan ablaze advocate the two they're using the personal consumption expenditure index which you did my opinion is definitely the better index to use their right about that were not at two percent and consequently if their target with zero that would equate to deflation we don't want to see that all thank you thank you donald good great question great question one eight hundred nine three four twenty two twenty one that.

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