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It is the Pat Walsh show. By Wednesday. We just we've determined it's a Wednesday evening. Thank you for thanks for being part of our show, which we, uh we always love the conversation. We love that you listen and hang out with us for a little bit. Tell you what. That Kitty O'Neil You know, there's so many things I like about that Kitty O'Neil. You know, she she likes the Three Stooges, which is just awesome. You know she can fix things. She's like Schneider on one day at a time. If remember, Schneider Pat Harrington played Schneider. Does he fixes stuff? And then she's really hot stuff. It doesn't even complaints like it's not being And she just You see the goat Ghost Pepper. Don't the goat Pepper The ghost Pepper, Cayenne and Carolina Reed Carolina Reaper. Nothing, Huh? No, They're good. It's delicious. I love him. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Just one way to support our local economy. That's right, you know, eat those hot nuts like Yes, Cali. You're even saying that the, uh the crops are in trouble. I Well, yeah, There's been a lot of talk about how much water it takes to grow almonds. Yeah, and so and with our drought conditions, it's very taxing and challenging for almond farmers right now. Yes, Some of them are just going to let him go. You know they can't can't afford it, Boy. That's sad to see, man. That is a huge part of our local economy. No huge parts. Yeah. I know it's part of the reason we brought this these in and brought it up tonight. I mean, I feel bad, you know, for So many segments of our local economy and that being one of them so maybe I'll pull Andy in here at some point here, and we'll ask him about what he was doing there talking talking to Blue Diamond also, um Boy, you know, yesterday. So I've been doing this these podcasts I have the more pat podcast. If you go to I heart media. I'm I need to find out of these things populated on all the other platforms yet do we know the more pat podcast like, you know, Spotify and iTunes? I don't know. I don't even know who to ask. Anyhow, we're working on that. At least it's on I heart right now. But I've been doing these variety of these podcast. One of the once I've been doing is going out to these homeless encampments and the first ones that I did were out on old Roosevelt Road. I told you all about that They're still up there. You can find those. On your I heart platform. Yeah. When I initially went out there, I saw this area. There was dark and gloomy and Strange in I didn't really seem all that inviting, I guess. I didn't want to venture in there really wanted to have someone that with me, just in case, you know, just you never know. I mean, just it's always nice to have an assistant. And I looked at this place and wow, I mean, And for that, I mean, if you've ever not not many people going to stop and just look and God I mean and and actually stop there, because it's it's not Pleasant. But being out there doing my podcast. See, I wanted to get the stories that we know why the people out there What we can do eventually what? Maybe we can make a difference. I don't know, but that's that. You have to start with the stories, right? And so yesterday my plan was to do parts 45 and six I've done three The more pat podcast of going after these encampments. I had 45 and six plan for yesterday. And then I mentioned it was 100 and six degrees. Whatever it ended up being, and I thought, you know. Maybe today is not the best day. I mean, it is hot. And, um, I mean, I know those people out there that are in these tents. They're hot. I mean, on a hot day like that, But anyhow, nonetheless, I got sidetracked. What I'm trying to say is I was going to go into this area. What I was trying to do is get a buddy to go with me isn't in the in the in the role of an assistant. Okay, so, but it was not available yesterday, so I put it off. And this is an area that if you were to walk by, I mean, drive by you probably go buy it a little. Maybe too fast. You know, maybe you don't want to look, maybe you do. Look, maybe you know what I'm talking about, but it was this area under the underpass. There was just like I say, dark and foreboding and have this kind of strange entrance into this area that I just hadn't ventured into. I was going to go do some interviews, and now he decided. Like I said at the last minute the way things kind of went, I didn't go. And then I wake up to the news this morning that exact area. Under the underpass there. Under interstate 80. That whole area. Burned. I mean it burned to the ground. Drivers along I 80 could see the plumes of smoke see the flames coming up from underneath bridges along Roosevelt Road after the homeless camp caught fire. This has kind of been a theme on my show lately, but it's a theme. I don't know. I can't get away from it. We're in some trouble here. My friends. I mean, listen, I don't want to I hate to dwell on something too much. But, boy, this is a problem. We better dwell on something. We'd better figure out what's going on here. I have a friend. I'm not going to say who it was. Who it is. Who tonight When I was talking about this showed me on her phone. She says. This is outside of my bedroom window and my my apartment complex at three AM and what is it and this? My friends is right here in the midst of our fair city. It's a Fire and it's burning because there are homeless or displaced. However, you want to put it people in this area. In this dry area..

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