Gaza, Partner, Officer discussed on The West Wing Weekly - 3.09: Bartlet for America (with John Spencer)


That's great to function hey ito everyone what your hustling means it means being nosey an ease dropping and learning more about what actually happens inside prison you'll be here directly from the gaza during the time so we're going to be tell us stories all kinds of stories that range from starting a family having pets misguided lordy fashion food cooking isolation sibling rivalry mommy daddy time we got a lot of ground to cover all of our first season we decided to kick off the season with a story that everybody can relate to finding somebody to live with in prison terms that means finding a cellmate can we here just a little bit of it no yup note just a little bit are bottle only because you say please warriors sell these adding smoke he was smoke cigarettes need is lit up right there on a lot like trying to kill reserve killing me with these they're gonna kill me recover can't third bad shocked of fog off what did shared read god it's like where we are prison for life you have sixty several years the life red items smoking miss cigarette sodas episode one of your house's common so from radio told the from your ranks before we go huge props to a crucial partner in all it is an athlete tenets sam robison the same quinn public information officer without his guidance as support none of this would be happening he also has to listen to all of our story came out even this promo to what about it lieutenant who this is the tenants sam robinson the public information officers sank wednesday prison and i approve this story and please visit our website ear hustle as hugh dot com you can subscribe to the podcast sinoforeign newsletter and find out how to send us a question by postcard that we might answer on a future episodes that air hustle s q dot com so kickback relax because we about to take you inside.

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