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Hi, everyone. This is Kelly with two Bradstock in politics. I'm here with my co hosts, Sophie, hey, Sophie, hey, Kelly. And in this episode we are talking to millennial candidates for local office. And so with us in this segment is Elizabeth Bennet Pirker who is running for the city council in Alexandria, Virginia. Hi, Liz, Beth. Hi, thanks for having me. Yeah, thanks for joining us. So we're gonna start with our our usual first question, which is, you know, can you just tell us a little bit about your background and then why you decided to run for city council this year? Sure. I currently help lead a local nonprofit called together. We bake and we provide job training and personal development for women in need. We work with women coming out of the criminal Justice system who are homeless women who recently immigrated or facing other sort of adverse circumstances, helping them with job skills, job training, all SaaS skills, and personal development and building self confidence. Before I joined forces with the daycare, had my own business cycle to fight sued ways. So taking fruit go to waste, turning them to healthy snacks and using that as an opportunity to create job with Mickley or women with bearish to implement like who'd been formerly incarcerated or homeless actually hired my first employee through together, we bake and then a couple of police realize you're doing more things in terms of trying to help them in making food products, places like whole foods that maybe we could actually help more women together. So he joined forces a few years ago and in terms of sort of why I'm running November twenty sixteen as the first user to that, I'm like a lot of women in the country realize that we need more women in office at all levels. And the second part is why sitcoms online now is that I thought she's affecting the women in our program, things like affordable housing and education acting the the whole, and my mom always told me if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. So I wanted to, again, step up and try and be a part of that pollution. Can you tell us a little. A bit about Alexandria. All I know is it's fairly close to Washington DC. That is very accurate food. We are just across the river from Washington DC. We have a lot of history. We actually celebrate Arbor day. I'm usually the first Saturday in July and we're older than the US. So so we've got, you know, old town with cobblestone streets and this store combs, and George Washington's up to your signs and things like that. I'm gonna beautiful, waterfront and where city about a hundred and sixty thousand people fifteen or so square miles. Sue right now it looks like all of the current city council members are Democrats. Yes. All of the current city council members are Democrats. Currently, what is the what is the city councils of look like in the elections for it very the. We have six seats on the council litter elected at large, the entire city votes, which is as opposed to our school board, which we have three different district. So currently the city council. Little is made up again, all Democrats. We have one woman on council currently, coupling pepper who's been on city over about thirty years and of the mazing and then five men. And then our mayor's currently aluminum as low, but she was not successful in the democratic primary. So our current vice mayor is now running unopposed for mayor and then so there are six democrat who made it through the democratic primary. There were twelve of us running in the primary six made it through including three women, which is actually really exciting because we have the chance to have a council that actually reflects the population. It serves in terms of gender when I'm pretty sure that the first time that will happen in terms of having fifty percent of the council being women. If if we're all elected and we have a really diverse council or fleet, I guess I should say, again, we're not elected yet in terms of the democratic sleep..

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