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By the board and someone is wiping out who directed by. He knew going into it. He didn't want his name into it. Nick quick side. I mean before we get back to the game. You guess why. He said he couldn't didn't put his name on it. Oh because he wanted to transcend who he was as a person was something crazy like that. Then it's very close. What he said was that. Hollywood is to vein. He'd want to participate in the vanity of hollywood so he was doing everyone a family to bullshit and respect about it and it's three wave. Guess go ten ten and ten got ten. This person hated. If you read about the link. I think the length of the movie is like you actually hate it. I'm guessing three because this person like they live a of reviews and they think they're fancy so three as three prices right yoon say so much. We are both wrong. They declined to give a rating. And it says will kill you. Buy boredom god. I felt like i was dying. I could too okay. Ready lab tech guy. Thought he stood out raw talent interesting. If i may say so. Although he had a relatively small part he was specific and seem to nail the character. I like his choices. Seemed to be very comfortable in his role lab tech guy though. He stood out raw talent interesting. If i may say so of though he had a relatively small part he was specific and seem to nail the character. I like his choices. Lab tech guy thought. He stood out raw talent interesting. If i may see so i don't know whatever schroeck in the middle of this. I think laptop. I left his own review. The light repeats twice and then it says. I like to see like his choices. Hope to see more of him. Oh my god left. I left review on his review. Lenny rosenberg is the name shouted out loud. Take i very specific. You know what i think it was. You know why because he was a producer on the next all the next films. That story paul made. Oh interesting yeah. He grew up in the east. Co- i say i got to visit his. Imdb maybe just maybe see what you just found way. What who is this guy. He's also restaurant tour and he owns restaurants way really. He's he's about over fifty. But yeah. What is this guy why i'm just hold on. I'm gonna. I'm just gonna read his ivy no. It wasn't a joke this guy's crate. He grew up on the east coast since the age of seven was immersed with the family business of bakeries cafes and this is his father robert. Rosenberg was a season pro at restaurants that rebranding bakery restaurant establi- for over fifty years including the landmark location. That clair's in new york city. So at the age of seven lenny would work side by side in the family business. Eventually the torch was passed onto any as he bought his first bakery at the age of seventeen. Wow talks more about the restaurants and icon. honestly hugh is a website. The website is lars restaurant flips dot com and when i go to it goes to the lars production start okay. We're following the tale of laws so much. Oh he's a you know guys if you wanna see more lars based content guy video that shows up from august two thousand fifteen one million views is. I hate fifteen dollars minimum wage. Nice last this or does he have lower he is under. he's wage increase. Yeah oh i was wrong. No was not enough. I turned out he wants it. Because it's it's is. He's minimum wage. Now i'm firing my workers. Oh no cheese. Oh god what a piece of shape hate that guy lars. The tech guy. Fuck you go go. Eat a caption. Says is infamous is infamous restaurant. Owner are greedy full or genius. We revisit this ego maniac minimum wage opponent now on a personal crusade. Kill the fifteen dollars minimum wage. Fuck that guy but let that guy know his own review one hundred percent. That was saying he was drunk. He left soon allow. I must say what do you think this attend. He's an instagram from here. Zero one hundred percent. He's got more doing instagram guys. We need to be restaurant. Lap tech guy. I mean fifty seven thousand fifty seven thousand or fifty seven hundred thousand man guys. We need fifty seven thousand and one phone to be laura's the piece of shit picture guy. We are campaigning to get more followers than lars. The tech guy we got love. I love the chat because their fight from hero to zero spoiler. He's agreed on this side. Two seconds ago all him and now he's these what a journey we have been in about less guy okay. I think he gave himself for ten guys. Donate fifteen dollars in the chat support minimum wage. We've been our minimum wage. And if you think that's a scam don't okay. Gave a ten out of ten of course zone. Movie was terrible. However i like it. I'm going to school always back on instagram. And see if there's excitement contra post anymore reviews note. that's it so dash for for to. You told me this. Occupant your point. So i did. Who want a mostly. Who won you to the moderator. Pucks over an hour long. Please donate twenty three dollars. It could be a cumulative too if y'all wanna donate okay so let's see what the action she didn't keep track so you win. Let's favorite. yeah baby. Let's go anybody who thought i one. Please stay silent a chance to. You're saying marcus one it's race. They wanna see me angry. The indignity gone. So sorry guys. thank you everyone. He's so handsome honor than me to get a qualifier. Just i am hi. Hates them on an individual basis. I understand the subjects of what's being said. You added some texts okay nation. I'm so sorry Back to the movie so most of what we have to talk about his the ending which is gonna take twenty minutes so we have plans to reach twitch affiliate as we have three hours to this episode. That's making a lot of a three hour deadly less. That is not happening. Okay this'll be over though before. But before we get to the ending which is an hour long ending. The ending takes an hour. It feels like it's gonna hide for an hour. Yes it has a return of the king ending. Can you explain to me. This is my favorite part of the movie by the way. So they're in the house and then they all high because the cops show up and it feels straight up. Like a scooby doo movie. Obviously for like ten minutes. I was fucking in it. They were like hiding behind. Bobby's hiding.

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