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Bywater farm dot com. I it's it's just a great thing. I mean we all have those kind of things now. There comes a point in your life where business equals who you are and we were talking. We'll talk some of the second hour about people that want to do their work for thirty plus years and then quit doing it and go be the real person. I like to be the real person while. I'm doing the work. Why do you have to go do something you hate for ten or fifteen years just to quote make enough money so you go do something you like. Why not just do something you like to the people i know business wise it. I don't know that many people in houston. I'll just put this way. That hate their job. I don't know that me and you know something. There's not a whole lot of glaring poverty there even in the places that are the rough neighborhoods. There is not. I don't believe there's a hell of a lot of poverty there. How can there be poverty in a city that pulls together like that to help each other. That's not poor. I don't care what's in your checking account. If you have friends or fellow people in your city that care you are not poor by definition. You're not poor however if you live in a neighborhood or someplace that the people don't care about each other would just as soon stab you in the back is anything that's not good quality alive. It would be interesting to see what the crime rate is like in houston i. I haven't always bad well then then. Where's the disconnect here because houston. Your talk is not a place where crime is bad. There were there's crime definitely there. You know it's not utopia. Yeah it's cry. they got crime. But there's a difference between crime and corruption. What is corruption corruption is when you've got a problem at the center of the whole deal. Corruption is what we have in our government. Starting at the top are federal government. And it's been in our state government for years texas. Let me put it this way. In kentucky the presence of the state and state government and government in general is always omnipresent. People walk around worried if they're doing something that's not sanctioned by the government in texas the intrusion of state and local government into the affairs of the private citizen is less well and one of the things that i have heard you talk about. Is that the lack of the state tax. They don't have a state income tax. And therefore your income is instantly boost. Couldn't believe how much money at took home back in nineteen eighty seven. The last year. I had a full taxable year down there that actually i got to keep in my paycheck. So where do they recoup that to to. They have variety of other user taxes. Florida state income tax either kentucky. Not only has a state income tax. It's got a local income tax and guess what neither one of those governments are really on fiscal firm footing. How is that they take away that much of your income and yet they're still a net borrowed position. I will say one thing that comes to mind is taxes take care of roads in houston gasoline taxes. Well whatever tack lane those. Those were the rowdiest roads. I've always been that way. You know why it is because the soil underneath. It is shifty it is. That's what i told you improbable place to put a town like you know how far they have to go down to put peers in for big buildings. A long way is that it's a sandy type. It's called gumbo. It's it's it's it's not really sandy. Clay ish it's it's just a shifty kind kinda soul i. It's a lower land area where you know. There's kinda swampy and you know another thing. Bet that i knew went on in houston but actually was more aware of at this time. Were the amount of buildings that come and go. They build buildings and tear buildings down like You know their constructive literally of sand. I mean they just say well. I mean if if it's a thing that isn't making money more you know. They tear down that po post oak center where we ate breakfast. That was all something else. There's a chinese restaurant in there. We also use to go to. It was kind of a little hole in the wall. There aren't that many hole in the wall places around the city anymore. Everything's been scaled. You don't have a lot of like eleanor shepherd you kinda do where we went to. La's barbecue we went out there. Hell that story. That's a great story so we went to this barbecue place. Call pisito la's but that wasn't the original guy to found it. It was a A black gentleman named john davis and what date did he found it. It was nineteen thirty five but his house was where he served the barbecue out of and his house was displaced by interstate. Ten going through. They're probably in the fifties or sixties. So he had to move to move south down on shepherd that's where he it was called shepherd barbecue. Mr davis was a bit of a reverse racist. He did not allow white people inside the restaurant. The inside of the restaurant was for black customers. Only and the whitehead to stand outside and they did so gladly. He produced a great product. Yes and he was well known throughout the city. Because there weren't that many barbecue restaurants back then there just weren't that many restaurants and his was extremely well. No mr davis did not trust banks so he took his money home and buried it in his yard jars. Local scoundrels figured it out robbed him beat him and he died. They killed him but.

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