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Here the quarterback in the year the browns and evening discontentment and there was the plane to ensconce yourself as many greatest possible devoid booming and that failing or scott all bramble the show competitive her here tony really a call that the year the breath every year the year the brown problem you should love having the topic and tune the up or you should also never want that to happen again because you're winning division playoff games at super bowl goal to get their who chief that baker mayfield be quarterback chosen above all of the number one and denzel ward ohio state the need pick a cornerback that number four sarahspain started saw i to you add the brownsville while based on these guys snaps in the all i'm sorry they haven't played it all yet based on one space on the pick listen a baker mayfield is the guy that they thought was the best quarterback then by all means go out and grab them i'm thinking he's gonna wanna give joe thomas a call and see if he's sure about that retirement because he's gonna wanna make sure he has enough protection as a quarterback who may not be that mobile as for word they lost their best cornerback in mcchord ian a trade to the patriots and they already have garrett and up front so i think it's a good choice by them and mccord was the only guy on that cornerback seen that had any interceptions last year so it was an area that they needed to back up so i say good job more on mayfield though sam real quick you see this low risk high reward medium risk.

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