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And they would come over from greening from rigopiano him and wondering why don't you call my show and eventually i became a regular korani through and he would appear here are you going on i would always go and he would crying me and dragnet around and who do need to people or one i only wanted northeastern and hindered you need william berkeley and now all he knew everybody oh here we offered lawyer for yup also uh we were friends from 1979 until he died in the poor and on the day he died i took my radio and i locked in a closet and i would not listen to any kind of radio after that so many years path and in 2014 uh within the hospital after my leg had been implicated in andy accountant from the law for more work came into a little radio in the wb he won't good yeah and so i turned it on and of course my river witkin in pain during the night and discover bradley joe and who now i'm a regular caller to rarely jade poker and i have called you and your matthew return and when going from brighten my zone we're talking about is something really unique although radio i've mentioned this on a couple of other occasions there is no more intimate mass medium than radio radio talks directly to you you feel like you're part of this extended conroy version like there's people listening to us all over the stadium thanks to the magic of the internet all over the world and we're engaged in this conversation in a way the you can't do on any other mass medium and when i get on the year and i get to talk about some of the announcers i remember and what radio meant to me i know that a lot of young people today don't have that experience but radio still isn't dead radio was still around people have been predicting it's the my since like nineteen twenty two sale here and it's still valuable and it's still a great way to make friends and thank you so much for being a part of the.

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