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Welcome back to the racing post. Weekend foot will post coast is Bruce Burlington, Mark Langdon, Joe champion and Patty Perez, Emmett Kennedy. We've got a live primarily come on Sunday another Monday, and then we will round up with the best bets the weekend. So the Sunday game for coats and James his pulp new call. So versus wolves on Sky Sports, Patty, pounds lights. He's betting please Emmett's and you Newcastle nine to five draw two to one wolf sixty four. Okay, Mark, he laid on what's going to happen. I think that the draw. I mean, it's pretty sure offing is a is a big runner. I mean this game people. Let's go even safer if they know in the both teams to school market. I'm new against Benin says golden the makings of cove again went both manages a quite time. Obsessed really, and you could get situation where they cancel each other out. We saw Newcastle played five at the back against Everton it works. I mean, he Benitez it doesn't if you lose free new. He's not one of these money. Just that just things. Oh, okay. We'll do the same thing again next week and lose free knew he found the waiters might them suffers a breakdown, and he did it. Well, I think what was all better than the leap is position suggests. But there it seemed when they beat Chelsea it was done on the counts at twenty nine percent, possession one corner. Two shots on target. I don't see Newcastle. Even though their homes were playing giving wars the over June hit them on the break. I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel each other out. Okay. Draw from okc joy may as well pretty much everything that monks just said, I mean smash and grab raid against Chelsea. Who's pretty pulled before that particularly scoring goes. You know, I think that that good enough to sort of finish mid-table their season about quite about near not at five to one. Next, manage ludicrous. But yeah, so I think new costume. We'll probably they probably don't have the attacking prowess trouble team. But you know, we're gonna come back in the Maeve draws the best runner at the Rogers could be dole. Yeah. Yeah. Probably oh. And it was show view. Much betting strict enough to call so pretty lean the draws well, there's some twenty-five there on math thirty to score. I think is pretty big. He's those biggest talking threats he people she's very high from Wayne back, and I think he's actually a very very good player dated lovely cross during the week for for yachters goal. And I think he's twenty five twenty six and body. That's given me a bit of enthusiasm the Monday night game Monday night football. He's back eight o'clock Everton versus what for the repeat of the nineteen Eighty-four FA Cup fun. Of course, I should imagine Everton under the man who left what in such at Cremonia circumstances. A pretty warm favorites here that we've ever need to eleven the draw thirteen five and Waterford seventy two. Does that eight hundred ten to in a guest?.

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