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Amazon alexa now. Act on his own and possibly turn off the lights and so again. You can't say you can't talk. You can't say with a straight face without laughing because you know this is just crazy. It's like we're living in a george jetson world and this is the beginning stages of it. I mean amazon launched a new feature yesterday at allows alexa to proactively complete tasks around the house. Such turning off the lights based on your habits and frequent requests You know they're they're calling them hunches Before alexa were asked for permission acting on something like lowering the thermostat before you went to bed. But now it's like the new proactive hunches are able though alexa will skip asking for permission. Skip asking permission and just start doing so since they said again. Oh now you wanna be funny. I land. let's make sure that doesn't get up asking for permission or a task and just turn off the lights. They'll turn off performance that the turn on the coffee maker. They will do whatever it wants to do. Because you have that in the house recording your conversations when you and the kids get into argument and you say something that you're not supposed say it records it to. I don't want that s basketball. I've got so here we go okay. I'm i'm gonna go on a tangent. You probably got more to say but again i've been fired up ready to go I got prime amazon prime. So i'm i'm deep in the amazon ecosystems. Will i got audible so news at like. I said i'm going to say amazon affiliate as well. I can't have this assistant doing things. Thanks that it should for me. It's supposed to respond to my request and do what i need to do. Is supposed to be like. Hey hey alexa. Tell me what the temperature is what the weather is. It's not supposed to just turn lights off for me. They don't know what. I wanna do this. Because i'm watching because it check it checks your panels. She don't love me. She don't know me you won't change alexa name. I'm a. I'm a. I'm a i'm a. I'm a gen he wins. He was look at me. Decide i in turn lights off But that just seems evasive. Right and again folks are already concerned about how the the the microphone thing. And i'll always being on kind of thing you can supposedly turn it off so it's not listening but again it could be recording this all all's privacy issues and now you got to hang trying to think for you knew on some artificial intelligence you watch it in your favourite show on tv so you got your your philips hue lights or whatever so okay. Soon as tv comes on. Netflix comes on alexa. Will turn the lights down. Whatever this cool. That's neat but again. I think that's overstepping the bounds. That a lot of people will want. I've i've talked to more folks within the last few months who have said they don't have any of these smart assistance in their house. Google or siri you as well right..

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