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To enroll in college. We may be getting set up for another significant drop in college. Enrollment this fall one speculations. Many students are hold off waiting to hear whether their preferred college will offer in person instruction next semester. And finally our lily bulky tells us a cohort of white people of means are transferred well to black lead food and land organizations across the nation as a form of reparations and restorative justice at the detroit black community food security network executive director maliki akini says a white woman from california called last year saying she wanted a sizeable portion of her inheritance to go to the organization. He akini recalls. She felt there was some lack of justice in how the money was acquired and she wanted to redirect it into the community one of the fundamental reasons that black brown and indigenous communities suffer food insecurity is because of dispossession of land. One of the things that gives us the ability to feed itself is having access to land you know to grow and produce food. According to recent data white people oh ninety eight percent of us farmland though many black americans have deep roots in farming. The story was produced with original reporting ruth. Terry for yes. Media this is by clifford for public news service member listener supported and always online at public. New service dot org. Here's a look at weather from the hotlines. News feed weather center today. Mostly sunny with moderate wind. Kindly fifty five tonight. Mostly cloudy with light. Wind and occasional gusts as high as twenty miles per hour lower twenty seven thursday partly sunny with a high near forty three. That's the latest weather. Shakeout more news and weather on our website at heartland news newsfeed dot com over on chat dot freetalklive dot com. That's where you can get the step by step instructions on how to join that server that's chat dot freetalklive dot com tonight. You've got ian binding and mark we go back to your phone calls and thoughts and then we'll tell you a little bit more about chris. Can't sentencing hearing today where he was cents to forty one months in federal prison for basically having a fight with another nazi on the internet. But i we have dave still with us. Your dave ridley from ridley report dot com. Go ahead yes. So i was telling you about this free staters date wrath who's In you know in a conflict with the where school district moderator in hampshire. An answer to your question So he i guess she's saying that he is claiming that she she's committing ethical or conflict of interest wrongdoing. By referring to yourself as reps cushman's she's a representative and she says quote he has He also had dropped hints that he is pursuing some kind of formal or legal actions against the for doing so. Can someone explain to me how there's a problem with the state representative calling themselves. Represent representative rep weather. Isn't it and the thing is that that entrenched politicians pay free staters more than almost anything else maybe they conservatives a little bit more sometimes You know we're like abolitionist. You know the slaveholders you're seeing a under every bed. Yeah i mean it's it's pretty ridiculous What this person is doing if that is indeed what this person you know is doing. Obviously we're taking it from what she's saying. There's probably another side to the story. So i don't know it all seems very very petty. But that's the sort of thing that you expect to see from people in in politics right. Is that all you had forced tonight. I mean they're doing are doing. Are you know. There're publicity publicizing us for us. Any thoughts on the sentencing of christopher cantwell forty one months in federal. Read the read the quote of what he said. It does not sound like He said anything illegal. It was just offensive. You mean he told the other. Nazi the other despicable racist that he intended to have sex with his wife in front of their children correct. Yep yep that's despicable all right no doubt about it the other thing to keep in mind even if even if he's evil and even if he did do something illegal Tax payers should not be forced to pay to to to feed him and lock him up and put him in a concrete box. And all that stuff. If it's such a problem with him then let the market solve it. Thank you dave for your call tonight. I appreciate it. The number here is six zero. Three two eight three sixty one sixty and there was some market pushback against christopher cantwell. He was cut off from pretty much all dating sites. He was cut off from The berry happen. that's hilarious. They he was on dating sites and they took his profile away. Wow mean he's not hard to find. Wants to go out of the date with the craig nazi you'd be surprised. Still able to was still able to find people willing to do that. But patriot needed to put out a dating site to spectrum. They went out of business which is just a joke. No hatred was a real site for a time and didn't work out for him But yeah they cancelled his bank accounts. They cancelled various different. You know sort of money related things pay power whatever. He lost a lot of that stuff. So there was definitely some market Yeah there's a lot of young to To chris camp well of course he blamed it all jews. You know but it's jus a racist would do so hillary sergeant rece- reporting for the informant at informant dot news now. She's probably the number one person to cover chris cantwell's trial. She's got a detailed day by day. She sat in that courtroom every single day of his trial and wrote out a very detailed. You know what happened. What transpires have you been interested in following the case. And you haven't seen what she wrote about it. She obviously has a skew. You know she is a lefty. There's no doubt about it But she was obsessed with him because he was obsessed with her at one point and so she followed his case very very closely and so she was there today for this morning. Sentencing hearing. here's the story that she filed. This is initial writing that she put in. She says she's going to do a longer piece later. But here it is. Christopher cantwell the new hampshire neo nazi podcasters found guilty of extortion and threats directed at another neo-nazi was sentenced today by a federal judge to serve forty one months in federal prison. The crying nazi as he had been dubbed previously because of He was crying because somebody pepper sprayed him. I think it was no no no he was in. He did a video where the cops were out there. Yeah he was having a breakdown. I don't know whether it was drugs. Or what it was. But he was acting strange. He cried during the hearing today before district. Judge paul barbara doro issued the sentence at the in person hearing this morning in concord new hampshire quote. The nature of your behavior is so egregious so agreed. Just sorry so serious so aggressively wrong. That a significant sentence is required. Said barbara doro. Can't well delivered a rambling and emotional statement. Which he began by offering a mike tyson quote quote. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face unquote the she says in parentheses. The point he was trying to make was unclear. It sounds like he got punched in the face and his plan. Doesn't it sucked. Cantwell's plan suck discussed the fact that the charges stemmed from feud that he had with rival neo nazis group. He had attempted to report to law enforcement. He compared the rival nazis. Maybe the plan was to Turn in these rival nazis. Well yeah he wanted to do anything he could to get these arrival nazis. Trouble which is why. He's in the trouble that he's in because he talked to the police about them and further because he even cared about what they thought. Can't compare the rival. Nazis to black block mentioned satanists and complained about having been subjected to a quote constant stream of nonstop unquote from group. Which is what set him off. I mean that's so they would like call his his Talk show that he would do and say nasty things and oh dear. It's almost as if like it's like with his listeners. Would do that to me here on the air And i didn't do anything.

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