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Reports. Some businesses are doing better than others. As people start to venture out, we could potentially have up to 100 people in our bigger theaters. But at most we get usually like 30 or 40. Barbara Kali hopes that by summer, movie goers will be eager to get back to the big screen. By then, the vaccine will be a little bit more spread out and like I'm gonna get some bigger Disney movies in July and over at the junction at Kazuki Rahman. Indoor Dining is starting to outpace take out orders. We've been seeing a lot of people who have eyes that first time coming out to eat in over a year over the last year, business here is down about 40%. Although Ari Rangel is optimistic that phase three and eventually the next step will serve up even more success. Hopefully, next couple months we can at least move up to 75%. We also have reported in the past that some of the smaller venues, bars and restaurants, they really haven't been able to take advantage of phase three because they're still so limited due to social distancing measures, the state is set to re evaluate each county on April 12th Cole Miller. Come on, use Vandals in downtown Seattle left messages behind for Seattle police and the chief of police. Adrian DS, a small group of protesters. One was arrested one message. Targeted chief DS himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We reached out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment, and we're still waiting to hear back. All mostly stole threatened. Police continue to investigate a shooting that left a male teen in critical condition. He was shot in the 3800 block of northeast third court Saturday afternoon. There are no suspects in custody, but police believe the victim and suspects know each other. Major crimes, is investigating the shooting overnight in White center. It occurred in the parking lot of Empire. Hookah deputies responded and found two shot and took them to harbor view. They were in stable condition. It's not known if the victims were affiliated with the hookah lounge or if that's just where the gunfight occurred. One woman is dead and six others are hurt after a stabbing at a library in north Vancouver, British Columbia police say there is a man right now in custody who they believe acted alone. And the motive remains unknown. One official says that man accused was taken to the hospital after he appeared to stab himself before he collapsed and was arrested. Let's go. Most Michelle s to Mom. Come on. News time is 3 34. Let's get another check of your traffic. Evan Smith is in the dupe in law Group Traffic Center. Still seeing its emergency response of both directions of I night, Eric sees my nineties eastbound. On the rent from Rainier Avenue. An incident here still partially blocking the ramp again. Word of a new issue in both directions of I 90 closed. Between my post 1 82 2 Mile post to 22, Meanwhile, highway 11 east of Squint, there's a tree or two down over the road was still fully blocking the roadway. And the I thought expressly is closed until tomorrow morning for road work. Our next go traffic isn't 3 44. Karen's on has our forecast this afternoon. We have a little bit of everything going on gusty winds out there. Of course, you can feel that already. Also the chance for some thunder and.

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