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Amazing well congratulations on the film and thank you so much an his climbing thank you for having me cheese okay so that was ben travis talking to ernest cline now it is time for us to dig into ready player one x forty minutes or so let's start off with a general if the movie itself in you are this spielberg found endel spielberg funds i'd love to see you spielberg golf with quint formerly antiquated news eric fespaco they're all people may think presumably steven spielberg he gets his career you're better than ever correct this tv spielberg known he said something wrong and just gentlemen let go yes okay that's good that's good could never going into this i thought it was pretty fun he hasn't made a film pugh adventure film since what ten ten his loss one often it was it was just pretty entertaining ball's ferry also has other things assize well it's not just kind of two percents time on how'd you read the book i've read a couple of times yeah very much you're not alone in that it's it's not the best book in the world but one thing is is it's very morrish it has a what happens next quality to it you really want to know what happens next but some of the writing is so alta cat for i've heard i've read excerpts of the book i haven't read the book myself but i have read pages of people posted on twitter generally going can you believe this.

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