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This is the sack Guilt show. My God went back together. Yes, that guilt show CBS sports radio in about three minutes. We'll play some Jerome better sound from yesterday as a pretty damn good question. If I may say so myself. He gave it. Answer that I thought was pretty thought provoking. First up, pellets it up our friend Andre and Mississippi, 855 to 1 to four. CBS. Andre what's happening? Zach. I know the show, man. You think some great interviews on this show, But I'm loving this show. I appreciate it. We appreciate you listening, and we love that. You listen. So what you got for us? Hey, I wanted to win on this air ride to join love situation. Well, Erin, you could do it. And it is Andre. I love you. But it sounds like you're in a tunnel right now. Where you driving? Right now? Let me spare power. I've been loved for about how we're trying to show Yeah, We're running on your time. Yeah, I'll be here all day. We're in a waiting room. We'll wait. All right away for Andre. Let me know when you're good, Andre. We'll make sure we will accommodate you. Now. You sound crystal Clear. What do you got? And he hung up. Mm. Trace. I said, that's all the time. I don't like Andre. There's a good dude calls the show budge, But this is not a waiting room when we go to. Yeah, you gotta be good to go. It can't be. I'm gonna step out. Let me get a better spot. Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good. Gotta be good to go. I don't know what that was what he was doing. I think you got a little nervous because not that I was potentially doing it. But You know, I just love what people think We could just wait on their time. You know, we only got 10 minutes left in the shell. So What do you think? Andre? Mrs. What did he tell you? He was going to say, by the way that he thought Aaron Rodgers is gonna play out his deal on then go somewhere else. They're going to go to the young guy, he says they always go to the young guy. Here's the only thing though. If you play out that deal Packers can't let him go for just a compensatory pick. Can you imagine if you only get a compensatory pick back for Aaron Rodgers. That would be just criminal. Trade values the highest right now. Yeah, but you can't trade him right now. You don't Hey, Jordan. Love nice kid was on the show. You don't have a damn clue it. Jordan loves get obey. You agree with that? I agree. You know, Jordan Love is ready to be a starting quarterback. No, no, no, He didn't dress one game, so no, No, you had the boil. They traded up. They traded up to get him so you can't You can't trade Rod. You. You're just back to back NFC title games and I get it 40 Niners they got they got blown out. The bucket is game the offense that and show up. The guy just had an M V p season. If you go to Jordan Love now, and Jordan Love doesn't make a good first impression. And what happens after one year? What did the Packers do? One of the Packers Do. Jordan loves not gonna be good Jordan Love can't do this Jordan Love can't do that. That's gotta be look at what happened with to atone. Goodbye, Lola. You want tongue? Goodbye. Low went from the talk of the town tank for 22. Now people are saying that to a kid play this league Don't get me wrong can always listen to fans. The Packers, who are a proud organization. The Packers, who Our great organization. It would be embarrassing and it would be that would be the punch line to every joke. If they got rid The Aaron Rodgers this offseason. I get his trade value, so I don't care. Take your take your trade value and shove it. That I cannot justify getting rid of Aaron Rodgers right now. Now in three years. Maybe it's a different conversation. I think at a bare minimum is long as Rogers wants to be a Rogers there for this upcoming season of the year after that, after that, then it gets tricky. Let's go to Wisconsin. Thomas next up in the sack killed Thomas what he got. Hey, I don't think Aaron Rodgers is going anywhere. He had a great season. He's a great player. I don't believe he's going anywhere. Like you said Jordan. Love didn't suit up. Who knows what he's gonna do. We're not gonna find out this year, maybe not next year. Erin's not going anywhere is gonna have a case of beer and the back of David Bach. Dre's All right. That was awesome for people that don't know what Thomas is talking about. There was a video that surfaced. It must have been an older video. I don't think that was recent like that. I know that just came to the scene. But that was not recent when he was doing that, right, right. I don't think it was. I guess he was going toe practice or maybe coming back from practice, and he's drinking a beer and the back of David Bach Dre's pickup truck. That was awesome. This really gets dicey. And two years from now. As long as Rodgers plays good cop and want to stay. He's got three years left of the contract than entering that final year of the deal. That's where it gets compelling Homer in Louisiana. Next up on the show. Homer..

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