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On the powerplay Tampa Bay leading four to three at the end of two over the Pittsburgh Penguins member we told you to start the second period. Tampa Bay was going to have a minute thirty eight five on three time. And boy, oh boy. Did they take advantage of that? Because at nineteen nineteen of that first period early on Brayden points made it to to a pass from Steven stamkos. Then at eighteen thirty two. It was Brandon point again for his twelve year in his third of the game. He's got the natural hat trick. That gave Tampa Bay a three two lead. Patrick corpus would tie things up at four twenty nine in the second to make it three three his seventh of the season his second of the game. But then Yanni Gord on a power play seven fifty six in the second just blasted by Matt Murray, a perfect shot circuit in Cologne. Picking up the assists for Yati his eighth goal of the year. And that is where we stand right now. So look you can check this game. All you want sometimes people over complicate things. But this is all about special teams tonight and right now Tampa Bay just a little bit better than Pittsburgh. And that has been the difference also too. I want to remind you let's go back to the first period with Pittsburgh up two nothing. Louis deeming. Absolutely. Rob Jake cancelled some could have made it a three nothing game at that point key moment there because domain has had I make some solid saves when Pittsburgh was pushing back so kudos to the net. Minder who was filling in for Andrei vasilevskiy? I this.

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