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Kelton can extend seventy newsradio riverside county officials say almost one third of their coronavirus cases are from neighboring imperial county of two hundred seven people undergoing treatment at medical facilities sixty three are from the adjoining area imperial county only has two hospitals and they can no longer keep up with the number of patients those people are being transferred to other facilities mostly in the Coachella Valley the news you need to stay up to date over the air antenna seventy AM of course the radio dot com app as well streamers to your phone or if you're working from home ask your smart speaker to placate fifty check your money here's motor Rivera Mike and Karen the stock market pulled back on U. S. China tensions and ended the day lower the Dow dropped a hundred and forty eight points more than half a percent the S. and P. fell six points point two percent the nasdaq skated forty three points nearly half a percent most virus related stocks were higher quest diagnostic jumped two percent it got FDA emergency authorization for its home test for corona virus you take a nasal swab and send the sample to a lab homeowners have been hanging on to their homes during the pandemic pending home sales of pre owned homes slumped to a record low in April contract signings plummeted thirty four point six percent from a year earlier a survey from Zillow shows that a dedicated home office is now at the top of the wish list for potential homebuyers Zillow says many more people expect to work from home indefinitely we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg's Mona Rivera from the HMS capital money desk can extend seventy newsradio a thirteen year old boy in southern California just earned his fourth college degree we have the details in two minutes it's two fifty one.

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