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Of texas was of okay good thing began even with republicans there who voted for trump that guy is gone news radio time is twelve thirty i support of crowd greeted president trump after briefing at hurricane harvey and corpus christi texas today the president praised the recovery effort in texas saying that the hurricane was of epic proportions he set the high bar for the recovery efforts saying we want to do it better than ever before the president heard of briefing from fema director brock law used or my to go citizen theory effort to recover storm harvey keeps dumping rain on the texas gulf coast is houston deals with rising flood levels forecasters say tropicalstorm hardly will continue to dump rain on the area today and they warned that the massive storm a likely hit the texas gulf coast again later this week a rally today in the front steps to the state capital to support lower taxes jesse malary's with americans for prosperity rational ears of all fell some sort of agreement that we need to simplify the tax code and more hong kongers take action this time the group would also like to see the death tax eliminated at denver man is charged with collecting money too helpful one and dying of cancer but instead keeping the money for himself denver da beth mccans says fifty two year old scott catterson started to donation drive in october of two thousand thirteen for denver attorney kelly daylight let terry who had cancer i can't says he collected twelve thousand dollars and is charged with theft and computer crime just days after her audio excerpts from her upcoming book released hillary clinton has announced tour dates and support for memoir and she's not scheduled to come to denver clinton will stop in eight cities this fall to discuss her new book what happened and the rockies there at home again tonight against detroit art coverage started 605.

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