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The drugs the surgery the things that are going away my guess in studio doctor Scott lap of beer host you're presented this Wednesday evening at the result center for healing in Fairfax Dr Scott welcome back again yeah let's talk about this set was go back to the incidence of this and and talk about why we're seeing such an increased prevalence of these two joint space is breaking down what's the deal well I think one of the things we just talked about this the alignment situation but I think in activity plays a part here too and we talked about the blue zones before in activity this people are always mark costly moving on walking and things of that nature where sitting society we're doing more things are in front of computers and that kind of thing that creates a problem for the integrity of our joints we gotta get the joints moving and flowing as a good range of motion we have things called cartilage that actually need to be fed through the holes here's a joint we start walking sometimes and we don't use the whole joint actually feed that Cartledge you need that whole Cartledge to be moved and we're losing ranges of motion that can accelerate some of the problems that we have here we talked about shoes shoes can sometimes create a problem this as a bipedal person we're supposed to have when we do he'll strike here he'll hits the ground it's those display this toes out the toes are supposed to grip we don't get that with their shoes so much and we start losing things like toe extension of our toes or the flexion of our kind like the the ankle does it go into what they call Dorsey flexion fully or do we extend our like back fully that's going to start creating problems in shortening up our movement and we do that we start building up when he's possibly some scar tissues and things of that nature and things don't work as well yeah we we both treat a lot of athletes and does a lot of trauma there's a lot of alteration of blood supply to recognize faces there's muscles that are misfiring in our business we we have muscle organ patterns we have nutrition that's related to certain muscle bound pathways and so forth but in today's world particularly in the good old United States we have so many modifications of our food sources Jim all have actually so yeah does this add to it by because an increase inflammatory cascade yeah because what happens is we we we have a certain amount of th leeway into our body has irritation once we foods that are inflammatory nature that's gonna possibly bring us up a little bit more inflamed and very easy to irritate something's her coverage time comes extremely less and we take a look at places where you like and to make a three is is very very important in the diet this a lot in the fish base and we find it even in the United States doesn't have a lot of make a threes in the in the body as opposed to some of the other countries and it is an anti inflammatory piece we don't have that or we don't have we have a minimal amount of that so we're not getting the proper nutrition to run these systems for our bodies which unfortunately deficiencies we don't have Agnese humans think that sometimes are not put in our fertilizer foods and food one itself is is like you said it's a huge huge huge piece or has a has an interesting thing I was reading an article the other day that you know has supported all the things that you say and that we've taught our patients over time you know the the traditional approach and somebody has joint pain particularly hip and knee pain as you know taking and sat right straight line which is yeah right the problem is that yes it knocks down the inflammatory pathway but it competes for receptor within the joint that attracts something called a sulfate I am the sulfate ions is what actually heals the joint of the cartilage and then subsequently if the competitions there the soft and I can't do it so you have rapid degeneration the text yeah it it stops raining part of the family processes to heal but if you put something the blocks everything it really doesn't he'll just covers up the pain until it goes and disappears and all of a sudden now I gotta do general the case it's actually increased to some extent so again our foods that were doing an over doing to ourselves.

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