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Diamondbacks tori lavalle says they are getting healthier by the day clay buckled has been out with a strained oblique the starting right hander they'll threw a bullpen today he is slated to throw a simulated game on friday and so he is working his way back and probably back into the rotation as well jarrod dyson getting healthier he's been out with a groin injury deven marrero they're fine infielder also battling an injury but he is starting to turn the corner as well the giants on the other hand in the division looking at three primary players out for a while hunter strickland of course with that broken bone in his hand for money punch the dugout wall after a blown save a few weeks ago he's going to be on the shelf probably until late july evan longoria with a broken hand being hit by a pitch out for another month or so and joe panic trying to get through that groin injury but he's not anywhere close to coming back the rockies well not having an injury move they did make a move today tom murphy is back from paternity leave he and his wife lindsay welcomed in their son tom they're gonna call him jas and so tom and lindsey congratulations there tom murphy back with the club today and jordan patterson goes to triple aaa but manager bud black did say that david doll is making progress from that broken foot he's done some hitting work in the cage and budwood anticipate that david doll would be back sooner than later although there has been no timetable set to this point dodgers one or two quick notes ucla week out now for probably a month or so they're looking at the end of july for him to get through that oblique injury and kintu my ada is leave the right hander for the dodgers it's the rockies against the diamondbacks first of three we'll see if the rocks can snap that eight game home losing streak to the snakes more in a moment on rockies on deck on the koa rockies radio network i'm joe lavoro southbound i twenty five completely shutdown just south of arapaho we have a serious semi fire there are alternate's place like yosemite clinton or you can head to dry creek and back to southbound i twenty five that's the latest on.

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