Rudy Giuliani, Vice President Pence, Secretary Perry discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Ah the Ukraine in terms of its fight with Russia among other things on the eve of Zelenskaja's inauguration Mr Parthenis told me and the portion of the interview. We played yesterday okay that he was directed by Rudy Giuliani with spoken to president trump about it. He was directed to really turn up the pressure on Ukraine to demand to the Ukrainian government. That's unless they announced Abidin investigation the Ukrainian government would lose not only all US military aid lose all the US aid and vice. President Pence would not come to the inauguration of the new president. Vice President Pence has plans to attend the inauguration. At that point were in full swing. The the threat was that that would be cancelled. That pence wouldn't come unless they met the Biden investigation demand. We played this portion of the interview last night. But here's a little squib from it to refresh your memory in the conversation. I told him that if he doesn't the amount was the key at that time because of the inauguration that that pence would not show up nobody would show to operation unless he announced an investigation into Joe Biden No. US officials particularly vice president. Mike Pence would not come to corrosive Mike Pence that conversation as Mr Parnell describes it He says that was in May of last year may twelfth specifically a meeting he says with a top hop aid to the incoming president elect in Ukraine. Mr Zelinski top adviser. He says that demand that he made that they need to announce the Biden investigation was rebuffed. The Ukrainians Indians did not agree to announce a Biden investigation. Despite the threat Mr Parnell was making their on behalf of the White House and when they rebuffed his demand and they did not provide abide that announcement of the investigation. In fact the following day. The White House made good on their threat and vice president. Mike Pence did cancel his planned trip to this Alinsky the inauguration that's as far as we got in the interview with Mr Parnasse as of last night but the way it went down thereafter. Is that after vice. President pence is cancelled his trip to the inauguration within a few days the US government decided they would send another senior official in his place. So let's pick up the story there. That's when we flew to Paris and Paris whomever for and we were comparison rudy basically. That's when I found out that the Perry was to the these decided to set Perry. They're Senator Secretary Rick Perry Creek. It's did you you learn from Mr Giuliani correct. Was Mr Perry to your knowledge. Aware of what you and Mr Giuliani. We're trying onto do in Ukraine in terms of getting these investigations announced. I don't know to what extent he know about me because I don't know what he was a little bit definitely he know about Really because He who's told he called Rudy on his way there to ask them what to discuss and Rudy told him that the made to make sure to give him the message. Mr Giuliani told secretary. Perry what you need to convey to the Ukrainian government is that they need to announce an investigation into job. I do you know if part of the message that Mr Giuliani conveyed. The secretary it was also that Ukraine would lose their military aid. They'd lose their. US aid if they didn't announce those investigations. I don't recall having specific conversation about about that. It was more of just Telling him what he needs to do to announce it. I don't know what other conversation had prior or after but I know that there was another conversation. Perry called after the inauguration telling him that he spoke to Skins Perry he says I spoke with the landscape and got him to agree. I got him to agree to announce the investigation announced but they didn't announce that see this is the whole key. They were constantly every time somebody would do skeet the ovary and then they will walk it back so they found something of a corruption that he's going to have corruption but that Giuliani blue lit on that saying. That's not what we discussed that wasn't supposed to be corruption. Invested announcement has to be about Joe Biden. The by the reason he said the name by needs to be spoken with this always they did not want them to announce corruption investigations or anticorruption efforts efforts. That was not it. It had to be about Biden. They had to say Biden left parties. Alleging that former energy secretary Rick Perry sorry who we know from impeachment. Hearing testimony was tasked by the White House is one of three officials along with Kurt. Volker and Gordon Sunlen who are taking the lead for the trump White House on Ukraine policy policy. The three Amigos according to Love Parnassus Secretary of Energy Rick. Perry was directed by Rudy Giuliani to deliver the message to the Ukrainian government meant that they needed to announce investigations into Joe Biden. He says Mr Kearney's says that Mr Perry phoned Mr Giuliani when he contacted Mr Giuliani and said that he had been in touch with the Ukrainian president that he had conveyed the message and not in fact the Ukrainian government had agreed to make about announcement now Secretary of Energy Rick. Perry has denied playing any role in this scheme but he did crash out of the trump cabinet just as the scandal started to come to the surface. It was October sixteenth. When The Wall Street Journal reported that in fact Secretary Perry did call Rudy Giuliani to talk about Ukraine? He did so at the direction of president trump the following day. October Seventeenth Rick. Perry tendered his resignation. The President as energy secretary the day after that October Eighteenth Secretary Perry announced that he would not comply with a subpoena in the impeachment investigation. Gatien whether he would comply now with a subpoenaed to testify to the Senate trial of the president that remains to be seen. We'll be right back. DOC With Martin. I know that there was another conversation. The recalled after the inauguration telling him that he spoke to them skins the. Let's face it. Most.

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