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Dodgers are gonna play the blue jays at Dodger Stadium momentarily like a will begin on with a half hour or so and it'll be the first time the Toronto Blue Jays will play at Dodger Stadium I think in twelve years I think that's the the five twelve years since the Toronto Blue Jays were in town that is a hell of a long time you know that Bender twelve years I knew it in a while I didn't know that all the I thought the Yankees are the Yankees are this weekend I think our next weekend I thought the blue jays word twelve years was it the Yankees at everywhere I I heard it because of look at it you know it might actually might be about the same simply because the divisions kind of travel together yeah but that's really stupid I mean not to have the blue jays out here every two or three years is a lot of Canadians out here yeah most of my in show business interested in big John with a by aids it and I feel bad for Toronto I love Toronto I worked in Toronto in nineteen ninety four for almost the entire year from January nineteen ninety four tell about well almost in in nineteen ninety five I work there are almost year and a half dragging and I lived in downtown Toronto T. dot and it's the most beautiful city in the world the clean is the safest the people are cool the underground you know the subway the mall it's just it's on when I was there at like over the new year's holiday one year and it was snowing in just gorgeous yeah it really is because there are a lot of big cities when it snows it gets real dirty real quick not to run now if you bend over angel to Canada Toronto now I wanna go your might come on I thought here we go Toronto story your drama's story no but I want to I want to go to call back okay yeah I revenge Toronto do you like Drake's music yeah son with any kind of been determined okay Eazy E. well I did when he was around yet did you like the music yeah on a connection right all right it's true love to run okay all right diet let's get into this horrible horrible news we got to cover it because they got to make sure that if people understand you can get killed by trains here even in Los Angeles we don't have a ton of five you can still get wiped out by and this lady evidently was listening to her ear buds Hey Bob a speeding train a busy intersection in a woman wearing headphones it was a deadly combination today in silmar she was on the phone and she looked up and Raphael Russia okay why would somebody described somebody.

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