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Now. So go ahead and roll look at yourself on TV, just fine. Know just try to look at look at us. Go ahead. Jerry will do his down there. In witty had twenty eight points, five assists, are you doing? And you're just sitting there. It's putting pressure on it. It looks like I'm not doing anything. But it's really working the muscles. You're not doing any other one was a little awkward to do here in the office. It helps okay? Allies. Now flipped. I have the full pressure on where my hernia surgery took. Okay. So it looks like this region. Do you? Do you do that naked at home? You're it in the office with me and Bob do you? You just like he's grinding the fall. Well, he that grinding anyway, just on TV. Sees the back of his. It's really leaves a lot. You have grown house. I gotta get all that stuff off the screen while you're doing. Okay. There you go. Let's yoga move downward dog right there. Cobra isn't downward dog were you start? Right. If you get all fours, Al. Okay. Okay. What's that called downward dog? It's what he's doing. Right. And then you slide into the Cobra. Downward dog is when you're on your elbows and on your toes, that's a plank. The plunk. Can you plank? I do this also. Doggy style stretches were here's grind stretches. So so for you just sit on a foam roller. You take a knee, and you never mind. All right. This one also paid someone to show you these things. That's the one where you should use the wand that we gave. Like that and boomer Jesus was can you put your knees down or is that as far down as they go go, flat tight jeans tight groins? All right. Skinny jeans. Please come for legs. Of course, they are the love of God. The next one zero seven Ninety-six Devon Booker had forty one points in this game. Deandre Jordan seventeen and fourteen and a loss for the Knicks are now thirteen and fifty two nuggets top the Lakers. One fifteen ninety-nine. Lebron had thirty one points. I also have no bowls by the Sixers one eight one zero seven on ending to this game. Zach LeVine at thirty nine points. Here's the go ahead layup in the closing seconds game. Ends players are off the floor and an auto porter was giving a sample for a drug test and the players were ordered back onto the floor. Because there was some issue with the clock porter could not come back onto the floor though, because he was busy in mid stride. Stride, made sure whatever you wanna call it as we say he was doing that for the drug test. But the bulls wind up winning the game one eight one seven because even the fans really leaving. And they came back onto the floor. Celtics beat the kings one eleven one zero nine jazz over the pelicans one fourteen to one four spring baseball to the Yankees take on the Phillies James Paxton the star their DIGI LeMay who gleyber Torres with doubles yesterday. Yankees fell to the cardinals nine to five Mets were off Wednesday. Jacob degrom starts today. They play the nationals the pitcher not the comedian Steven Wright suspended eighty games for testing positive for a PHD. You the Red Sox knuckleballer Salvador Perez of the royals? Tommy, John surgery Wednesday will miss the entire season, AVI. Number sixteen Marquette, seventy three sixty four they end the game scoring the final eighteen points. Penn State held off Rutgers sixty six sixty five rutger's had the ball in the final ten seconds and had a couple of shots blocked away. Nec quarterfinals LA, you Brooklyn and FDU with wins. Saint. Francis. Brooklyn lost to Robert Morris. It was the capitals over the flyers five to three. So the caps. Two points ahead of the islanders who tonight take on Ottawa. Christopher Gibson called up with the Goldenrod with the injury to Robin Leonard. We'll have the islanders in senators radio dot com at seven thirty the ranger skate in Detroit tonight, the Broncos to release Darian Stewart, Jamie Collins released by the Browns. All right, Jerry. Thank you very much. It is boomer and geo on the fan. CBS sports network will come back at some of your.

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