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Ted <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Music> <Advertisement> <Silence> <Speech_Female> laso <Speech_Male> you wanna you <Speech_Male> wanna knock <Speech_Male> out there into the universe <Speech_Male> before <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> before <Speech_Male> officially in this <Speech_Male> thing. There's a lot <Speech_Male> of the <Speech_Male> just talking about <Speech_Music_Male> that when you were talking about. <Speech_Music_Male> Things could happen with <Speech_Music_Male> rupert things that <Speech_Male> happen with roy. <Speech_Male> Can't <Speech_Male> there are ways that <Speech_Male> in english <Speech_Male> football these lower <Speech_Male> division clubs can <Speech_Male> still play clubs <Speech_Male> in the upper division. There <Speech_Male> are a lot of there <Speech_Male> are a couple of different in-season <Speech_Male> tournaments that <Speech_Male> are played among <Speech_Male> members of <Speech_Male> the football <Speech_Male> association in <Speech_Male> england And <Speech_Male> some of <Speech_Male> which are played <Speech_Male> exclusively <Speech_Male> by members of the english football <Speech_Male> league so there are ways <Speech_Male> that we <Speech_Music_Male> can bring some <Speech_Music_Male> of these premier league teams <Speech_Male> back to the table. <Speech_Male> We don't have to spend all our <Speech_Male> time in the championship <Speech_Male> this season. <Speech_Male> There are other competitions. <Speech_Male> They can play in. <Speech_Male> I would <Speech_Male> imagine <Speech_Male> if we're talking about <Speech_Male> the lower division. We're <Speech_Male> going to examine some <Speech_Male> aspects of that. <Speech_Male> If the premier league <Speech_Male> didn't make sense <Speech_Male> to ted i <Speech_Male> got to imagine <Speech_Male> what's happening in <Speech_Male> the championship is not <Speech_Male> gonna make sense <Speech_Male> and all the various <Speech_Male> competitions that <Speech_Male> we didn't really scratch <Speech_Male> the surface on <Speech_Music_Male> that. If you're a club <Speech_Male> that you'll be participating <Speech_Male> in throughout the season <Speech_Male> so. I <Speech_Male> think we're probably going to see <Speech_Male> some more of that. I think we're <Speech_Male> gonna see the show stretch. Its <Speech_Male> legs in <Speech_Music_Male> terms of what it exposes <Speech_Music_Male> about the <Speech_Male> english game a lot <Speech_Male> more than we <Speech_Male> did in season one <Speech_Male> and so i'm <SpeakerChange> looking <Speech_Male> forward to that for sure. <Speech_Male> Awesome all <Speech_Male> right. I'm really looking forward <Speech_Male> to digging into this. It was <Speech_Male> so much fun <Speech_Male> to just crush <Speech_Male> the season of ted lhasa. <Speech_Male> The other day <Speech_Male> as i was watching. I'm so <Speech_Male> happy to be back in <Speech_Male> this world. It's <Speech_Male> pretty clear to me as we <Speech_Male> have a slightly <Speech_Male> longer than two hour. <Speech_Male> Run time <Speech_Male> talking through all <Speech_Male> season. One of ted lhasa <Speech_Male> that there is just <Speech_Male> much meat on the <Speech_Male> bone antonio <Speech_Male> tons to talk <Speech_Male> about with characters <Speech_Male> with the themes <Speech_Male> with the story line of <Speech_Male> the various jokes <Speech_Male> just such a rich <Speech_Male> show. And i'm <Speech_Male> really really pumped <Speech_Male> to explore it <Speech_Male> all. We will start <Speech_Male> doing that as soon <Speech_Male> as this. <Speech_Male> First episode <Speech_Male> of season two <Speech_Male> drops july twenty <Speech_Male> third. We'll be back <Speech_Male> a couple of days after <Speech_Male> that with <Speech_Male> our recap of season <Speech_Male> two's premier. <Speech_Male> We will be here <Speech_Male> every week. Talking <Speech_Male> through the second <Speech_Music_Male> season of <Speech_Music_Male> ted laso <Speech_Music_Male> until next time everybody <Speech_Music_Male> take <SpeakerChange>

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