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Jupiter. I think that's how you pronounce it and I kissed a boy. Pretty rock and cover. I think Um, yeah, that was a stomper. I like that better than the original. Anyway. Good stuff. We're back here. I'll close it. Free radio on Kay's CSC set a cruise and things are happening out there. Yes, this news from LGBT Q nation calm and one of her final axes, the secretary of education before announcing her resignation. Let's see device decided to ensure that transgender students could still be targeted for discrimination in the American education system. Didn't unturned Aled memo sent by the Department of Education Devices staff once again laid out their policy, refusing to protect gender identity. Despite the ruling of the Supreme Court in both stock versus Clayton County, made in June of 2020. Read the Rubinstein, deputy counsel under Davos wrote to Kim, Barely a Richie, the acting assistant secretary who oversees the office of Civil Rights. 13 page memo dedicated to explaining that quote for the reasons discussed the term sex, which, with respect to these and other similar programs or activities should be construed to mean biological sex. Male or female. Memo is dated on January 8th, which was the last day Davos served as secretary. She resigned in protest of President Donald Trump's and tight incitement. Of the mob that would in turn storm the U. S Capitol building due to his continued insistence that the 2020 presidential election could be overturned. Of us submitted her resignation the day before her resignation letter is laced with shame for Trump. With divorce, writing that his behavior has been quote unconscionable and that quote impressionable Children have watched his actions she wrote in the letter quote. There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric yet your rhetoric had on the situation and it is the inflection point for me. I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgment and model the behavior we hope they would emulate. They must know from us that America is greater. Then what transpired yesterday. And in her last in office, she instructed her staff to continue to try a legally to find the Supreme Court's postdoc versus Clayton County ruling before the rains are transitioned over to the Biden administration. This was part of divorces. Efforts to remain Pain to the incoming by the administration and Biden's nominee for Secretary of education. Miguel Cardona. In her final address to staff to Vos instructed everyone to be the quote resistance, according to Politico. But she devotes higher sent the memo to staff in an email for quote educators and stakeholders, describing the memo as the guidance for quote schools that receive federal funds from the Department of Education. Have a duty to comply with titles. Six All Title nine. Sorry. Got my exes and these mist up, including its application to discriminate on the basis of homosexuality or transgender status. In her final moments at the Department of Ted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos prioritized punishing LGBTQ students. Memorandum refusing to apply both stock to federal education law is unconscionable and legally flawed. This, according to human rights campaign President Alphonso David Davis has long clashed with teachers on policy issues, and the American Federation of Teachers was not sorry to see her go issuing a two word statement on her resignation quote. Good riddance. Previously former deal we employees, Duane J. Fencing became known as the whistleblower who lost his job in the department's office of Civil Rights in 2019. For releasing documents that exposed there pointed anti trans policy decisions as they and and the rush to make them happen. Fencing told LGBTQ Nation last November Quote. When Ken Marcus announced his resignation from the office for Civil Rights, I was encouraged that the office perhaps would not move forward in any drastic way on any of the most concerning matters and issues. Before the election instead. What I found is that Kimberly Richie, who is now the acting assistant secretary of civil rights, took an upside down view of what anti discrimination protections mean for LGBTQ students in this country. What was that phrase Good reading kid, right? I think we're gonna be saying that a lot. Unless in the next couple weeks. Oh, yeah, changes is definitely coming and Where Well, I don't know about Richard. But I I'm trained to keep up with all the things going on, but there is just so much going on. Um Word Waco next Um This is from Friday Saturday. Um Donald Trump has launched a parting assault on the LGBT plus community in.

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