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It's taken time to get sports fans to get really really into the nfl. I thought it was immediate. I really do. Maybe i have the blinders on. But i thought it was immediate. Your team is back. no. I don't think it's i know people are like that because i do have friends. That are rams fans and they were very like ou might team is back home right. That was the thing. It's back home. But i it's because they had an uncle or whatever whatever that we're rams fans in that kind of just went into their blood right to be a fan here but a lot of us are a lot of my friends are rams fat. I mean raider fans or there you know forty niner fans are. I am one of our friend. Who yeah who cares about albouy cowboy fans and patriots like they don't really have a connection to these two teams but for me. I just when i think of la. When i think of valley sports. I think lakers and dodgers like that. You know now a little bit more with like the galaxy and of course l. Afc which i'm going to go see tonight but you start seeing that too but it wasn't big football in it. I don't see kind of filled the void for a while with that's college but it's still football. Generation lost really generation to generation of of people. Who who was only on tv and remember demarco. This generation people like laura when they turned on their tv on sundays. They had the cowboy game on fox. 'cause usually the number one game and they had call it a patriots game or steelers game or something on cbs. And so that the networks gave you the best game. They didn't give you the closest local game. There's fans this brings up a point about matthew stafford. I think for him to win. Over people like laura not only does he have to win one he may have to win to really yes to win. Those fans like you said that generation of lost fans. I'm not sure if one would be enough it would be enough for me. It'd be enough for for any franchise to win those fans. You have to win twice see. I don't agree. And i go to break but it's because right now to get football in la you have to win one. You have to win that one to be like. Oh look at that now. We got the dodgers winning championship. We got the lakers winning champions and the rams nhl it all it all brings it in together in la of c- bringing home see. That's why the rams when they were in the super bowl they had the win fair enough fair. This is this is. There's more here hold on everybody. There's more here but coming up next. It's a game of would you rather now if you would like to call and ask a would you rather question. We begin. great calls as the week goes on eight. Seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven seven. Three seven seven six. If you wanna call with a would you rather hit the phones. Otherwise bergman got one hundred of. He's just he's just he got them all over the place. Would you rather next on saddam cap on seventeen. Espn i got it. chris are. We're going to go to the phones. We have one on the phone for you. There guys many in ventura. What you got manny all idea on good fight okay. So would you rather have a freaky friday situation where he pushed by one of your parents or spend an entire week barefoot. Can you just say the freaky friday situation where you switched bodies with your parents o o or walked barefoot for a week for the whole weekend the whole weekend. they're not even like connected these two things. Okay that's okay now. Don't have to be scary. Just thought i got to put a lot of thought into this deep one. I know what you think tomorrow. Would you rather switch bodies with your parents or walk barefoot. Initially took barefoot. That was an easy one now. I'm thinking wait a minute. Hold on a sec. Cove it nasty. What walking barefoot comb really really sitting on the kobe. You walk in the jump. Meant okay guys. I'm just saying you walk barefoot. everywhere is a week. Okay but you probably at your house where it's cleaned well. I can walk barefoot at the beach or on the strand. You know and i can kick my shoes off. I will well. We know you left them on the top of the car last bringing a bulls. Just rewinding did okay. I'll take the freaky friday. That might be interesting to become for a weekend or a friday. If you became your mother for a weekend what would you be doing for the weekend. Oh i think. I'd go to vegas and party and have a great time and watch my brother's like freak out because that's what my mom won't do. You know what. I mean right. Yeah yeah see. Because if i switched bodies with my mom i would be like in some kind of like water. Aerobics class her retirement community. And then i'd spend the rest of my day sitting on my computer on facebook and playing solid c. It's you it's you you're just in your mom's body so you can do whatever you want. Oh so. I don't have to do what my mom. No you mean. You might wind up there but you can do whatever you want while you're there you're still you. You're just them at the same time or you know what. I'm making this a lot easier. I would rather go barefoot for the weekend okay. Stephanie giant puddle of cova coleman Walked barefoot and barefoot is barefoot. Is the right way to go okay. My whole goal in life is to wear shorts t shirts and sandals and just walk around with no shoes like the perfect way that is my life goal was before now i don't i don't wanna walk into the covert or whatever giants covert around the president. There's there's dog duty over there. Avoid that and then there's covert puddles over there void. That one and i did all right demarco. Would you rather only be able to listen to christmas songs all year round or only be able to watch nothing but horror movies. I'll take christmas music all year all year round. Yeah i see nothing but horror films. I can't stand those slasher blood horror movie type things. That's just not my genre really no. I can't do it. I used to way back in the day like before they got really silly. And.

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