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Oh you're all potential i think apple has always been kind of building on other people's products make something that's really just wow and have the killer app and i think that's really what the home hod and they're offering starting off and missing and general in industry could really use something that's like neat and cool and with his background and the machine learning with apple already they have the design team they're thinking put that together to really kind of well everyone i think everyone really appreciate that then fewer podcasts about them sucking hey i'll live with that i would love nothing more nick your thoughts i think the addition of john john dre at apple shows a restructuring of their organization before they were extremely decentralized unstructured in terms of ai i think they noticed how much progress amazon and google were making by centering their businesses around artificial intelligence and so they went out and got an industry leader to help them create some structure and some centralization because ai and the way it empowers voice are to stay that's for sure there's some interesting tidbits in this article from voice spot bread can sell a who wrote this did a nice job really laser in on a couple of important things one of the things that i thought was interesting is that this gentleman is going to be one of sixteen people that reports directly to tim cook and the article you know the bread has written here portrays that as a positive and perhaps it could be a positive you know the guys not reporting to joe smith middle manager you know way down the food chain in the spaceship.

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