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Keep a watch out for that risk for an isolated tornado and flash flooding overnight lows in the seventies with your local forecast and W BRC chief meteorologist Wes Wyatt for NewsRadio one Oh 55 w E. R C right now it's 70. Six degrees at Birmingham's News, Traffic and Weather Station News Radio one Oh 55. W E. R. C this week on Red Pilled America We ask, What have we learned from our wars in the Middle East To find the answer? We tell the story of Joe Kent, a retired Green beret. Listen to this week's episode of Red Pilled America on the I. Heart Radio APP That's Red Pilled America. The Damages from Tropical Storm Ida are expected to pile on today across Louisiana. And Creswell says recovery will take a long time. I think we're going to see more damage than what we probably initially projected. Not only was this a Category four Storm, but it stayed. A Category four storm for hours and update from Gulf Shores. Mayor Robert Kraft details W. BRC. There's been some flooding. We've got a lot of canals that come off for the little lagoon. It is fed by the This flooded all those sad streets. Residential streets are main highways are open. We've had to reduce some of them down the two lanes instead of four. But we're still able to move traffic ground on on our main highway, he says. So far, they haven't lost power. Or even had to rescue anyone inside the city limits. I'm Leah Brandon, you're next news at noon on news radio one Oh 55, w e. R C and I heart radio station, Birmingham Traffic and weather together all day Long Use radio one. Oh 55. W E. R C Nielsen says more than 30 million Americans are now tuning into Newsmax TV. It's one of the biggest media stories. Newsmax is available on all major cable systems. And if you cut the cord and don't get cable, you can still get Newsmax. Find it on your smart TVs like Samsung, LG and more. Just go to your smart TV channel guide or download the free Newsmax app. Newsmax also streams free on row, Cusumano, Pluto, Amazon Fire or TiVo and seven million people have the Newsmax app. On their smartphone. It takes seconds to download it to your phone, and there's no paywall or subscription. So watch Newsmax for breaking news anytime anywhere..

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