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I am a fan of the politics. I hate politics. I know and I love him at least political person you'll ever meet about lease political person. But you're up there. What are you searching for? You're looking for something in the computer, none of Brodie's at the controls. If you could tell you can't tell Janice smoothie shit today on the show. So here's a pulse. So whatever political party your into or whatever type of politician, you're into you may have rules in your mind. Like, oh, you know what I found out? They did drugs. They're out or I found out that they were anti woman in the seventies. And they're out. So I'm watching. Particular person who's running for president in the past week. I'm not going to get into it. Obviously there are democrat. 'cause there's only one Republican at this point who might be running for president so far. And in their rally twice. They said I could care less about something. We know it's I couldn't care. Right. So that person I vote for them. They could be the best candidate. I can't vote for them. I can't have it. I can't vote for someone to be in the White House. That says I could care less because they don't mean that if I can't trust them with the English language. I can't trust them with our government and our taxes discuss times to you know, the way that you hire interns, disqualify that hire the best interns, great inter off of a grammatical center. You discount people? Errors what we talking about? Like if you should run for the highest office and represent our country. I don't want you flying to Japan and the translator translates, I could care less and the Japanese president says who I think he means I couldn't careless. So he's out that particular candidate is out. Yes. It's a he. All right, there you go. That's it. That's those are my spills that that and the breakfast club a hell of a spiel, man. All right. We I was like, oh, I got plenty of plenty of stuff. You got a lot of stuff. But last week I read a list I got a longer list from last week. We're just getting started. We got the reason I played Neil, Patrick, Harris clip. Is it you're at a party? Yes, at Neil, Patrick Harris was at yes, I was and we'll talk about that coming up next, April Callaghan and Cassidy Zachary, we are fashioned historians and together, we host dressed the history of fashion a podcast. We explore the who what why we.

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