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You know imagination or something only comes from a religious background, but you know it it. It makes sense to me. As you put it that there's some pre priming that can happen. In People's minds coming from those sorts of back that make him feel probably fairly comfortable in this type of form and I know the hasn't always been happy with although he's never denied the existence of spirits. It's never sometimes not being happy with. The dark side because it's suppose holdings and. Horror Stories that there are some pretty unpleasant into these out there. No Stories Oh. Yeah. Yeah, and I this is something I'm really interested to talk about the those darker realities darker slash unseen parts of human existence or or just the universe in various ways that go stories also weird fiction and horror fiction of of different types. Are Happy to acknowledge that exists and this one thing I've always loved about the form of this type of thing weird fiction horror fiction, ghost stories that. The kinda stare unflinchingly into some of the more unpleasant realities about the universe may be other types of forms don't care to to look at but is kind of refreshing you know in not that they necessarily provide a bunch of answers but but. That's one of the several major things that is interested me in this form that I find powerful an intriguing about it. The I was just reading yesterday I think in entities Thomas. League to you know who and I hadn't actually realized how DOC is will beauties. Age. Complete other analyst with Brian AC's nothing good in a soda that love crafty idea the. Humanity is a big mistake in rating she just lovie extinguished for. Well, I tend to be bit more positive about things Yummy to I'm I'm of with you on the I understand that viewpoint end it is kind of what I what I think of love crafts stances. Well, it's like you know mankind is at best to kind of an accident in at worst a bad mistake that just only causes problems wherever it goes. Which of course, is partly true in a way to me at least. But but yeah, there's some kind of room for some hope in meaning beyond just that to me and I and I even feel some of some of that or take some of it away at least from a lot of horror fiction weird fiction which most people find strange to say, but actually do well I mean you know within Jona there. So many different kinds that you know the goal in this latter right on stuff and then the weird fiction in the Gothic. So there's so many kind of sub genres of assays quite a lot. I was watching him get Solti you know about that. I've enjoyed and a won't point they. They don't like the film because of the ending. I ending the woman potentially sews himself cliff heroin and the the movie producer says people don't like. and. Thinking about story people, it seems to me with local stories people want. The story to have a moral vision you know not not big hitting on the head with it, but you know to reaffirm the sense of right and wrong again because the will sometimes feels pretty outta control. So through stories may be you. This is what you do for a living. So you told about stories about stories to reaffirm the fact that you know. So things should happen in certain ways in writing rump. You mentioned about rhetoric before on of just kind of been reading on on getting A. Book about rhetoric and that is the craft of putting the stories together I've started copying out. People's work reading right Bradberry Demo-. Yeah and then just copying it out and just. Looking at the House Stone directory in so yet did you taste up? Yes. I do I mean in talking about copywriters work so so many things going on in my head based on what you said but. I I love IT I. A lot of. Really. Writers have done the same exact thing though I. Remember One person would take hemingway before she would sit down to do her daily riding with copy two pages of hemingway just to get just to like see and feel how it is done by a master. and. But in terms of rhetoric it, it intersects with storytelling in a big way in a actually teach a special themed version of competition rhetoric to this called Heroes Villains and storytelling. Of about how? Narrative categories for thinking can be if they're so automatic which feel like you're touching on a little bit we and in some ways. That's very helpful. Very good. We see you know a right and a wrong, and this is one of the things about ghost stories specifically that I was gonNA mentioned that I that I love that there is it feels like when you're reading a good go story, you're kind of in contact with the basic primal moral sensibilities of all people from all times you know in all places where you know. Justice gained for people oppressed or wronged, and things like that or at least a sense that that should happen. But you know the poetic justice that often often happens to the the oppressor of the bad person I just read a novel by Hawthorne the, the House of the seven gables were. Also yes. Yes. Exactly. and. That's exactly the kind of thing going but to backtrack about rhetoric so. the kind of thesis of that course of mine is that you know stories have such power to influence people but also to shape meaning in a way right to help us put things into a certain. Grid that we can understand our lives as well. So it's easy. It's very easy an instinctive to think of ourselves as the heroes and the other as the villain and that can be problematic. Right? In obvious ways and so it. So I try to just really familiarize my students with the all you know the nature of stories and how automatic. How it? I think we. Pretty unconsciously categorize everything almost everything at least in narrative terms that's on the side that and this is on that side and a this is the you know what I'm saying. Singer. So so being conscious and aware of of our own tendencies to do that. But also how other people using rhetoric and public or or in on the page that we're reading are also doing that being able to Kinda. Critically think about all the narratives were hearing and maybe even telling can be really helpful and beneficial to all of us. There is there's an interesting segue at don't do your story. So insane to me that the story snaking ethic was a bit of a well is a little bit of a slice of life it appeared. I've thought while the some of these things the Gandalf guy in the park and the bookshop. ACM's.

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